Welcome to Guitar Break Room

Guitar Break Room is a page made for taking a break from guitar learning and telling you about different products or websites that I have found to be useful.

These are mostly about music and computer but there’s other things too. Things we probably have in common.

I have come across some good sites and products in my travels around the internet and would like to tell you about them.

Some save me time and aggravation while others are convenient, informative or just fun to visit.

I hope you find this page fun, useful and interesting

My Check List

I always check out any site, products or service before I put them on my site. I either own the product, have used the service or trust the company or site from previous dealings or reputation from a previous product or service.

Sometimes there will be two similar sites or products, that means I like them both and you can choose one or like them both too.

Music Products and Services

Satellite Radio

This is a great service. You can listen to music on commercial free radio. No more listening to the same DJ(jerk) on the way to work in the morning.

Depending on where you work(Allowed to Play Music) you can use this product at both work and home.

You can choose from over 130 channels for music, sports, talk shows and more.

You can listen to NFL football, NASCAR racing and tons of other things. I have another page telling you more about it.

Sirius Radio and XM Radio(Live Sports and Other Venues) have teamed up to give you anything you want in the way of radio.

About Satellite Radio

Music Downloads – Instant Music

One interest we all share whether you play guitar or not is music.

One of the really good things about the internet is the ability to buy any song you want right from your computer.

You can buy the whole album or just one of the songs from it all without stepping out your door.

You can replace your favorite old Vinyl album with a new mp3 or wav(CD) version.

Here’s another page that goes into more detail and where I like to download music without joining a music sevice.

Download Music

Concert Tickets – Live Music

Have you been to a concert lately? There is nothing like live music where you can feel the beat of the music besides hearing it. I like live music because you can “feel it” like turning up your stereo and feeling the bass and drums in your bones untill the neighbors complain.

I have a site that I use to get concert tickets, it has good prices and service.

They also have sports and theater tickets if your into any of those. I have a short page with links to the various ticket types. Just type in who you want to see and go get your tickets.

Guitar Break Room

Event Tickets

Band Music Posters – The 60’s are Back

This site I found doing some research for the site. It has posters for music, kids, TV/Movies, Sports and much more. They have band and artist posters out the wazoo, you have to see the posters.

You can get them framed ready for your wall.

Thousands of posters at low prices!

Free Stuff for Guitar

Here are a couple free things I found for guitar on the web. The first two are tuners for when you’re offline for Windows and Mac’s.

The next two are tab software programs. I use the one for windows and it works pretty good for free software.

Guitar Tuners

Windows Tuner

Mac Tuner

Tab Software

Tab for Windows

Tab for Mac

Computer Related Products

Printer Ink – Cheap and Fast

I have an Ink Jet printer and I found a good site for ink cartridges.

They also carry toners, photo paper, labels and other accessories but the main item they sell is INK in various forms.

Refill Kits

They have refill kits for those of you who have expensive cartridges. You can search to find a kit for your type

Refill Kits

Health and Eating Right

Losing Weight – Losing Fat

Here is a nice site with a lot of diet and nutrition products. It has vitamins, minerals health bars and a lot of other things for those of us that are trying to lose weight and change our eating habits and lifestyle to get healthier

Nashua Nutrition

Sexual Health

These sites are for the prevention of sexual diseases. One is for women and one for men. There are also lubricants and other adult needs

There are also every day products for both men and women such as hygene products, pregnacy tests and more.

Pink Apple – Female Personal Care Superstore

Undercover Condoms Coupon Codes

Cooking Right

This site is a favorite of mine the Cooking Nook, I look forward to her monthly newsletter with new recipes in it.

There’s a lot of different cookbooks and recipes throughout the site plus she’s Italian which is my favorite style of cooking and eating.

Cooking Recipes

Lawn and Garden

Lawn Care

Do you like to garden and take care of your lawn?

I do up to a certain point but have you ever tried to aerate your lawn?

That’s what the worms are supposed to be doing but they can’t eat through clay.

Getting air into the ground is only part of the problem with your lawn.

The other problem is having good bacteria in the dirt to make it topsoil.

It’s not an overnight solution but it is easy to do and then you let mother nature do the dirty work.

Thats where Aerify comes in handy. It’s a liquid that you place in a hose end sprayer. You basically just water your lawn.

It’s a concentrate and a 1 quart bottle will do most lawns many times. 1-2 ounces will do 1000 square feet(approx. 30 foot x 30 foot area) of lawn.

I’ve been using this on my lawn for about 3 years now and it does make your lawn healthier. It’s also good for the soil around bushes, trees also flower and vegetable gardens.

Here are some of the things it will do.

Aerify – Organic Lawn Aerator

Most of their products are in the food category, not chemical fertilizer category.

Many contain seaweed and kelp all bio-degradable and safe for kids and pets.

Eliminates the Need for Mechanical Aeration

Reduces soil compaction and loosens clay – Bad drainage areas

Provides numerous plant trace nutrients and bio-stimulants

Helps generate the soil-improving microbes for humus formation

Can be applied any time during the growing season

Increases earthworm activity. Improves overall plant health

Safe to use around sprinklers

Loosens soil and stimulates root growth

Improves air & water penetration, drainage and prevents erosion

Virtually unlimited shelf life – just avoid temperature extremes

Vital Product Information

Although some soils respond very quickly to Aerify PLUS, especially in improved drainage, we do not claim it to be an overnight miracle product.

If you understand what a good soil really is, you know that you cannot change poor clays into real soils instantly by some magic formula, or tea, enzyme, chemical, polymer or biological mix.

You need to increase aeration and soil bioactivity, raise organic matter content (usually), and then allow the soil biolife (including earthworms) to build up to levels where it can create humus and bring about the porous soil structure you are looking for.

I hope you found this page useful.