The Ionian Sharp 5 Mode…for Maj7♯5 Chords

The Ionian sharp 5 mode will give you a scale to use for major 7th chords with a raised 5th. Not a real common chord but you may run across it in your musical journey.

Some scales or modes may sound very strange to you at first as with some chords, You have to develop an ear for these new sounds. Rock and roll sounded strange to many people when it first came out.

This Mode comes from the third note of the harmonic minor scale.

Here are a couple maj7♯5 chord diagrams

Here is this mode played against a Cmaj7♯5 chord. Mode notes only.

The C Ionian sharp 5 mode played against a C major 7th sharp 5 chord

It has an out of tune sound to it but this type chord changes fast.

Ionian ♯5 Mode List

As with the other modes the D♯ and E♭ are the same scale just written different.

The Ionian ♯5 Formula


An easy one the Ionian mode is the same as the major scale except you have to raise the 5th one fret.

Other Scales

There are also other scales and modes. Modes are scales within a scale starting on each of the different notes of the main scale.

The Dorian mode comes from the 2nd note of the major scale. This is a popular minor scale used in many songs. In the key of C the notes would be D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D

Have you ever listened to Al DiMeola? He likes the Harmonic minor scale in A it would be A-B-C-D-E-F-G♯-A. That F to G♭ give it a distinct sound. He also uses the Gypsy minor scales A-B♭-C♯-D-E-F-G or A-B♭-C♯-D-E-F-G♯

I hope you found this page useful.