The F Major ScaleOnly One Flat

Discover the F major scale. This scale is the one we usually learn after C because it only has one flat. It has a B flat in it.

This scale has 5 open strings that will work for leads up the neck.

The 6th string is a major 7th.

The 5th string is a major 3rd

The 4th string is a major 6th

The 3rd string is a major 2nd or 9th.

The 6th string is a major 7th same as the 6th string

This scale is made from two tetra-chords one from the B flat and one from the C scale.

Because these scales are made from each other you will see the same notes and chords in the F, B♭ and C scales.

The F Scale Construction

F Scale Tetra-chords

A tetra-chord is a group of 4 adjacent notes that makes up half a major scale. The major scales are made from two tetra-chords from two different major scales.

The first F scale tetra-chord comes from the second B flat major scale tetra-chord and the second tetra-chord comes from the first C scale tetrachord.

F Major Scale Numbering

Major scales have numbers that go with the notes. This way of referring to numbers makes it possible to refer to all scales and chords no matter what key.

When referring to chords the numbers are usually written in Roman numerals, upper case for major chords and lower case for minor chords.

F Major Notation-Tab

F Major Chords

F Major Chord Diagrams

F Major Key signature

This is how the key signature looks in the key of F. The flat symbol circles the B line on the staff.

Music can have other flats or sharps in it. They will be marked on the staff next to the notes but the B’s won’t be you have to remember that.