Super Locrian Mode…The Super Improvising Mode

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The super locrian mode can be used for minor 7 flat 5 and any altered dominate chord combination there are no exceptions.

You can use it on flatted 5th’s, augmented 5ths, flatted 9th’s, augmented 9th’s or any combination. You can have a flatted 5th and a raised fifth in the same chord or a flatted 9th and a raised 9th.

This mode comes from the 7th note of the melodic minor scale

The scale below comes from the C melodic minor scale.

To make a melodic minor scale you just have to lower the 3rd of any major scale.

I’m playing this mode in B against a B minor 7th flat 5 chord.

B super locrian played against a Bm7 flat 5 chord

The Super Locrian List

You see double ♯♯’s on some notes this is so you don’t have to use a note twice.

A double ♯♯ means you raise the note a whole tone or 2 frets

Super Locrian Mode Formula

This one is 1-♭2-♭3-♭4-♭5-♭6-♭7

This one is pretty useless unless you have a photographic memory.

However if you can keep track of the notes you are lowering every note but the root.

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