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The Site Structure

This site has 3 sections, The Main Site, Guitar Chords and Guitar Scales

How was Started was started from my lifelong passion for music, especially guitar music. The computer is a new instrument to me so you’ll probably see some goof ups here and there.

I started playing guitar in 1964 right after the Beatles came to the United States. This was the beginning of a music revolution

The British Invasion

Our Privacy Policy

Below is a link to our privacy policy, this is how we treat personal information you may share with us like your e-mail address and such.

We don’t tell anybody anything

Disclaimer – Covering Our Butts

Below is a link to our disclaimer page. This is pretty much like the stuff you have to agree to so you can use most software. It keeps the lawyers busy.


Disclosure Statement

This statement tells you about our advertising and product or services selling policies. Basically our ethics code. Click on the link below to read the full statement.

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Building a Website and…
an Online Business

I tried several times to create a website but the number of things you have to know about just to get started is overwhelming.

That is until I found Site Build It. This is what has guided me through all the aspects of site building.

They do just about all the technical stuff for a website like telling the search engines you just updated a page.

Not Just for Beginners

You can upload your existing site to SBI and let them do the grunt work.

Do you have a website that doesn’t make enough money?

See if you fit into one of the many situations listed in the link below.

How to Make a Website and an Online Business That Works

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We have a site map that you might find easier to navigate than the drop down list.

Site Map

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There are a few links to reach us; the left nav bar, the top nav above the fretboard, the site map and here. We want to hear from you.

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