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You might be wondering why I’m writing about satellite radio on a guitar site. Well if you are interested in guitar you are interested in music in general and satellite radio is the “new wave”.

What is It?

This radio is a way of listening to over 130 channels on your computer, in your car, boat, RV, out walking or at home.

Each situation requires a Sirius ready radio except for the internet access which you would use your computer.

Before we get into all the ways to connect let me tell you what you get with Satellite radio access.

The main service is Sirius. There is also another service “XM” that you can use to expand on what Sirius already offers like Opera radio, major league baseball, Ice Hockey, PGA and more

Over 130 Stations

The company that provides this service is Sirius, you probably already heard of them around the internet

Sirius provides over 130 stations and 69 of them are commercial free music stations, any style of music you want

Artist Stations – Elvis – Grateful Dead – Frank Sanatra

There are also artist stations like Elvis, any Elvis fans out there?

Grateful Dead, I know there are Grateful Dead Fans out there I know several.

And lets not forget Frankie, he swooned many a girl in his day and his music is still as good as it was today.

Frank has some good songs to learn on guitar in a fingerpicking style or chord melody like “Summer Breeze”

There is also a Howard Stern station for some sick humor

Bad News – Not Available Everywhere

Sirius subscriptions are only good for the continental United States, but you can listen up to 200 miles off the east or west coast- good for you boaters

I’m sure this will be expanded to include the rest of the world shortly because of the demand for commercial free radio, just like listening to an mp3 player that has a lifetime battery.

More than just Music – 65 More Channels

There are sports radio, play-by-play action of more than 350 pro, college and motor sports teams like Nascar.

They have news stations, talk and play-by-play action from the NFL, also Barclays English Premier League soccer, UEFA Champions League soccer, Scottish Premier League soccer

Formula 1 Racing and hundreds of college teams, plus thoroughbred horse races.

Sirius is the only radio outlet to provide listeners with every NFL game, plus every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™, NASCAR Nationwide Series™ and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series™ race.

They also have talk programming on Sirius NFL Radio, NASCAR Radio and Mad Dog Radio, as well as from ESPN, ESPN Radio and Sporting News Radio.

Internet Only Access Option

The quality of sound is comparable to CD, very good

You can subscribe to an internet only access that doesn’t require a Sirius radio.

This service also has more than 120 channels

How it All Works – Getting a Radio

Other than signing up for an internet only subscription you will need a Sirius ready radio which are manufactured by

Alpine, Audiovox, Brix Group, Clarion, Delphi, Directed Electronics, Eclipse, Eton, Jensen, JVC, Kenwood, Magnadyne, Monster Cable, Pioneer, Russound, Tivoli, Thomson and XACT Communications.

So you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one.

Available in more than 20,000 retail locations

SIRIUS radios can be purchased at major retailers including but not limited to Best Buy, Crutchfield, Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and RadioShack.

SIRIUS is also available at heavy truck dealers and truck stops nationwide.


Subscriptions vary in price by what features you pick

You can mix and match up to a certain point. There are a lot of options, but you can pick less stations and other options, very varied.

There are family packages so you can make everybody happy

No matter what taste you have in music, sports, talk shows or more you will find stations that you like

Freedom from Commercials

I like the fact that I don’t have to listen to the local DJ’s and ads over and over again just to hear some music.

It’s like having an mp3 player with unlimited storage and you don’t have to wear headphones

I really do love this choice of stations for music. Music is what I use it for almost all the time except for a Philadelphia Eagles football game.

Get The Best of SIRIUS Free for 3 months any XM radio purchase.

Satellite Radios

There are 3 basic types of radios;

Portable for walking, jogging and other things

Vehicle type for cars, boats and other vehicles

Radios for the home, office or anywhere else you want

Some radios have a docking capability with accessories that lets you take your radio from vehicle to house and back again

This can save the expense of buying two radios. I believe there are deals on two radios though in case a family member wants one too.

There are quite a few options in the way of radio’s and accessories

Check out all the Radios

Radio + Subscription Deals

There are also packages you can buy where you get a radio and a subscription to access the stations together

These will vary from time to time or as new deals come up

Radio Packages @

Clearance Deals

These offers vary depending on what they want to get rid of to make room for new products

This is also another way of saying we are having a sale to boost our sales and you get to save a little bit or a lot depending on the deal

This also happens when new products are replacing current ones. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t any good, just a previous model

Shop for great deals in the clearance section.

Free Shipping

This will save you a few bucks on your radio or accessory purchase

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49 at SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Browse the Sirius Satellite Radio Site

A subscription to Sirius makes a Christmas Present that will last all year long.

This link will take you to their home page

Sirius Satellite Radio

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