Open A Guitar Tuning

Discover open A guitar tuning. This tuning has a Banjo like sound like open G. It’s a good slide Blues scale. It’s a little harder on the guitar neck.

It’s good for Blues slide work and traditional Bottleneck slide.

This tuning is the same as fretting the 2nd position strings 2,3 and 4 and the rest open. Your basic open position A chord.

Here are the tuning notes for the Open A tuning.

  • E string(heavy) = E
  • A string = A
  • D string = E
  • G string = A
  • B string = C♯
  • E string = E

Tuning to Open A

The 6,5 and 1 strings stay tuned as standard pitch.

Have your guitar tuned to concert pitch first.

Next tune the open 4th string to the 6th string. You will hear it blend into the octave as you tune down

Then tune the 3rd string to the 5th string one octave higher. You will hear it blend as you tune.

Last tune the 2nd string to the 3rd string 4th fret.

You will get used to hearing the octaves match up after that tuning is fairly easy.

Open A Tuning Audio

Here is what it sounds like. This is a texas shuffle a ZZ Top favorite

Open A Tuning Texas Shuffle

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