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Odds and ends is where I’m putting all those things that are related to the site in an off-beat kind of way not directly related to the guitar

I Have come across some good sites and products in my travels around the internet and would like to tell you about them. Some save me time and aggravation while others are convenient, informative or just fun to visit.

These are mostly related to music or computer software that keeps my computer working right most of the time and health and eating.

The Check List

I check out all of the sites, products and services before I put them on my site. I either own the product or have used the service or trust the company or site from previous dealings or reputation.

It takes a lot of searching around for good sites and products but you’re worth it, right? I’ve checked all the sites for best prices, service, etc. and these are what I came up with so far. I may change some from time to time.

Sometimes there will be two similar site, that means I like them both and you can choose one or like them both too.

I hope you find this page fun, useful and interesting

Music Stuff – Odds and Ends

Internet Radio

This is a great service. You can listen to music on commercial free radio. No more listening to the same DJ on the way to work in the morning.

You can choose from over 130 channels for music, sports, talk shows and more.

You can listen to NFL football, NASCAR racing and tons of other things. Here’s another page telling you more about it.

Satellite Radio

Amazon mp3 Downloads – Odds and Ends

I haven’t come across a site that lets you download mp3’s better than you can at Amazon without a monthly fee.

Tribute Albums

One thing to look for when you download from here is they have a lot of tribute albums, other people playing your artists songs.

This usually happens with the biggies like the Who or The Beatles.

The Beatles don’t have their music in an mp3 format for some reason. You can only buy their CD’s.

Make sure it’s your artist and not a tribute album that you won’t like.

Download Manager

Another thing is if you are getting incomplete downloads it might be the download manager. The don’t make it easy to get another download without paying either.

Amazon mp3 Downloads Page – Odds and Ends

This link will take you to Amazon’s mp3 download area. Just type in the song or artist you want.

mp3 Downloads

Bookmark it after you get there so you’ll have quick access to it later

Music Concert Tickets – Odds and Ends

Here’s a good site for getting concert tickets, sports and other events near your home.

The home page shows you the current artists or events going on.

You can also search for tickets by the city in case you are taking a trip and some group or individual you like might be in town.

They have little diagrams so you can see where you’ll sit. This is good especially if your familiar with the auditorium or whatever type of building it is.

You can sign up for a weekly newsletter telling you of events in your area.

You can sell tickets also, say you bought tickets for a concert and can’t go and none of your friends wants them you can sell them here.

Music Posters Odds and Ends

Here’s a site I found doing some research for odds and ends for chord posters. It’s all about music posters. I can’t say a lot about this site it’s a visual site, you have to see the posters.

You can find just about any artist or band poster here. Band and artist posters are the only type of posters they carry. They claim to have the largest selection anywhere.

Band Music Posters

Indie Music

Here is a site for listening to new artists that you won’t hear on your radio.

These are independant artists maybe like yourself. Do you have a song you wrote or would like to find a gig for your band.

You can upload your music and get exposure, see what people think of you or your bands music. Here’s another page with a little more info if your interested.

Indie Music

Audio Books

It’s like being a kid again listening to a story.

It is completely different to listen to a book than it is to read one. You can close your eyes and picture the characters easier than when reading.

You can rent or buy. Check out how it works for yourself.

Rent Unlimited Audiobooks from Simply Audiobooks – Learn more.

Computer Stuff – Odds and Ends

Diskeeper – Defragmenting Software

Computers are great when they’re working right and extremely annoying when they aren’t.

One of the tools or software in this case for me is a product called Diskeeper. I’ve been using it for several years.

What it does is defragment your hard drive automatically. If you don’t know what defragmenting is then your computer is probably slow.

Programs open files and leave them anywhere on your hard drive like little kids leaving their toys everywhere.

Defragmenting puts the files that programs open back where they should be so it takes a lot less time for programs to open.

They have a new version of this that stops most of the defragmenting from happening in the first place which will make your computer run even smoother.

Click on the image and check it out it works great.

Undelete – whoops

This product is from the same company as Diskeeper. I never used this product but I trust this company. They’re hard drive data specialists. It’s all they do.

They’re what I call straight-shooters. There are no hidden tricks in their products or services.

So if you emptied your recycle bin with valuable stuff in it. You need this product.

I’ve done it before in a split second they’re gone and you think to yourself you YOU DUMMY. Both Diskeeper and Undelete are reasonably priced.

Check out Undelete by clicking the image below

Computer Batteries – Odds and Ends

I found this site looking for batteries for a power tool and they had them despite the name of the site is Laptops for Less but they seem to specialize in batteries for Laptops

I bought the power tool batteries there and it was fast service, easy ordering and a better price than I could find elsewhere

Check them out for your batteries or laptops. They also have other computer odds and ends.

Laptop Batteries

PC Booster

This product I have had on my computer for a few years. I’m not sure what it does exactly but after I installed it and ran it my computer settled down

I was afraid to click on things because my system was unstable for some reason and things would freeze or do something else weird

This was one of those problems that I couldn’t find a solution to because I didn’t know the right question to ask.

It’s inexpensive software and the company has been around a while.

PC Booster

Printer Ink

I have an Ink Jet printer and I found a good site for ink cartridges. They have re manufactured cartridges and I can’t tell the difference. They installed without a problem what-so-ever

My printer’s an Epson that has 5 cartridges 3 color and two black. I got all 5 for about 41.00 US in September 2009. The shipping was free too and super fast delivery

This will be your ink store from now on. The also have toners and other odds and ends.

Printer Ink

PDF Creator

This is a good product for making PDF’s. If you ever priced Adobe PDF software you’ll know why this is a good deal

If you need to make files that nobody can change on you this is the right product.

All you do is create a document in windows word or other text software and then click on the print option, then change where it will send the document for printing to the PDF creator and it saves the file as a pdf.

You should see it with your printer in the control panel, I’m not sure if it works with Mac’s.

You can set the security so nobody can do anything with it except view it and maybe print

I can’t edit my own PDF’s I have to edit the Word document and do the print thing again.

I use this for the internet but you may have a use for it if you email documents as a attachments or something else and want them secure.

Create PDF’s

Browser Updates

Links open a new window

Here you look for updates or download a new version of the browser you like.

Health and Eating Stuff – Odds and Ends

Losing Weight

I’m getting older and fatter. The older part I can’t do anything about but the fatter part I should be able to control.

I have a very good ebook on losing weight that explains a lot of things that about the body, food and exercise

Even though I’m not following everything as I should what I learned has stuck in my mind and cleared up a lot of misconceptions I’ve had about foods, diets and exercise.

This book has been around for a bit and was written by a professional body builder and educated health instructor.

These guidelines can be used by anyone interested in losing weight. All you have to do is apply yourself, thats the hard part for most of us.

You’ll learn how many calories your specific body needs. You will need to change your eating habits too.

P.S. Could somebody kick me in the butt to get me started, I already have the book.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Herbal Remedies

I am a firm believer that cures for most of our diseases can be found from trees, shrubs and plants. Most medicine made today is based on plants. A lot of heart medicine is derived from the chemicals contained in Hawthorne and Bilberry berries and leaves.

However using herbs on a daily basis may decrease the chances of many diseases. You’ve seen the way the media jumped on the green tea wagon after a medical report said it had more anti-oxidants in it

Green tea is good for your body but so are a lot of other herbs and spices. The spices you add to your food can have some very good effects on your body, for instance Cinnamon helps your body digest sugars at a more even pace preventing spiking which is dangerous for Diabetics

The bottom line is Herbs and Spices do it a little at a time on a daily basis and you don’t need a prescription. The main thing they all do is boost your immune system in various ways.

It’s like exercise it becomes part of your lifestyle not a chore

So you can eat yourself healthy. Spices are naturally low in calories too.

Buyer Beware- Odds and Ends

Buyer beware when looking at herbal products that promise you youth, a full head of hair and so on. Herbs and spices aren’t drugs so the FDA can’t really control them other than the warning label you see on every bottle.

If their claims sound untrue even if you want to believe them don’t buy that product. Stay with the basic vitamins and one item herbs like Ginkgo Biloba, Echinacea and so on. Sometime a dual combo is ok like Zinc usually has vitamin D in it because it helps the body absorb it.

Here is a site where I usually go to where you can learn more about

Herbal Remedies

P.S. Don’t become your own doctor, if your doctor has you taking medicine don’t replace it with an herbal remedy because herbs aren’t as strong as medicine and besides that you can’t sue yourself.

Here is another site I like to get things from. This is a simple site selling only vitamins and supplements, a no nonsense site. I like this site for its simplicity.

Sunpride Nutrition

Cooking Spices – Good Odds and Ends

If you like to cook or don’t like to cook but you have to maybe some spices in your food could get you some compliments on your cooking.

I found the best spice site, it has info on every spice like what spices to use with what foods, something I’m not real good with except for the basics.

The spices are sold in a 4 ounce size, I got ground allspice for 4.50 for 4 oz and celery seeds 4oz for 3.00. I use them in potato salad. Those prices are from nov. 22 2009. That’s probably what it would cost for less than an ounce in the supermarket. You can’t beat that and fresh too.

They also have different salts that I didn’t even know existed, along with spice combos used for rubs.

You can get whole or ground, they have whole Vanilla beans and whole Cardamom seeds

Over 250 spices, 4.00 Flat Shipping Fee or Totally Free Over 40.00.

Cooking Spices

More odds and ends on the way as I find them

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