Music Gifts

I have found some good music gifts for guitar players, musicians or anyone that likes music in general.

I have used most of these sites myself or know someone who has and recommended them to me.

These links will open a new window so if you don’t like the site you just have to close the other window.

If you are using a dial up connection like me some pages take a while to load so you can keep reading here till it’s done.

I don’t know about you but I really like the tabbed browsers. I always open links in a new tab.

Satellite Radio

This is one I would like to find under the tree. They have radios and subscriptions available. You can read more on the Satellite radio page where I go into detail about the different radios and services. This is a gift that lasts all year.

Satellite Radio

or you can go directly to their site from the link below

Satellite Radios at Sirus

Guitar Gear

I like dealing with this company because they put the customer first.

They have been selling music gear online since 2002. They have two warehouses in the US.

Their name came about because they promise to ship your order the same day you order it.

Here is a link to the home page Same Day Music


Here is a list for common guitar gear for music gifts

This is where I get most of my online guitar gear. They usually have the best prices and quick delivery

Music Posters

This site has the largest collection of music posters available. If you can’t find a poster for a band or individual here it probably doesn’t exist.

They have older ones for groups like the Beatles too, bringing back memories of my youth.

Their prices are good and they have some collectible items too. Easy to navigate site.

Band Music Posters

Sheet Music – Music Gifts

I have two sites for sheet music that I use. One is an Indie music site. Indie music is individuals or groups trying to promote their music without a major record company backing them.

They have been online since 2002 with over 300,000 products on their site.

You can find some Indie sheet music here that you can’t get elsewhere.

You can also upload a song for others to hear. It’s a community of musicians.

They have gift cards and you can also download Indie music

Sheet Music Selections

The other site I go to has some very detailed sheet music besides regular sheet music.

They have been in business online since 1998. Loacated in Wisconsin USA

They do digital sheet music, downloads so you get it quickly. They carry gift cards from 1 to 500 dollars so your musician can pick his or her sheet music.

I bought and downloaded a very detailed version of Creams’ White Room. Good wa-wa practice song. It has the complete lead along with the overdubs they used to record the song because they were a 3 man group.

So if your special guitarist has a song he or she wants to learn this sheet music gives you everything in the song. It’s in tab too so you don’t have to be an expert music reader.

These make good music gifts

Here’s the link to this sheet music site

Sheet music available for download!

Concert Tickets – Music Gifts

Here is a good site to get concert and other types of tickets.

They have been online since 1995. An established company.

You can buy tickets in advance for your area and the artist you want to see.

You can see who’s on tour and when and where they will perform

If you change your mind you can also sell your tickets right from the site

A nice present if your musician has been a good boy or girl, or if you want to go too.

Concert Tickets

Mp3 Downloads

Amazon is my choice for downloading mp3’s without joining a site with a monthly fee. I don’t want a monthly fee for the privilege of downloading songs. It’s free at Amazon you only pay for the songs you download.

If anyone knows a better site that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for let me know by way of the Contact Us button.

Here is a link to the mp3 download area at Amazon

mp3 Downloads

Cd’s, DVD’s, Vinyl Records

Here is a good site for Cd’s. They also have Dvd’s and games.

They have been around since 1996 which is a long time in cyber space. It’s a quick loading site despite the album thumbnails.

There is also a Blu-Ray section for you high definition fans

Vinyl Fans. There is a big list of albums now availabe on vinyl. The only way music came way back when. This was before 8 tracks(Dinosaur) and cassette players were available.

They have a used section where you save some money. All products are complete and quaranteed free of defects for 30 days.

They have an electronics section where you can get mp3 and mp4 players plus headphones and ear buds. Good Prices

As of 12-9-2009 they were offering free shipping on orders over $30.00 US.

Here is a link to the music section

f.y.e. Your Music

Band T-Shirts

This site has a ton of shirts from any group you can think of. They put their high priced articles first unless you change it on the right side of the page

They have been online since 2000

Every musician has a couple of T’s from their favorite musician or concert, even us older ones

They have sweatshirts, hats, womens purses and a lot of other music gifts

Your Favorite Band Shirts

Guitar Learning Software – Great Music Gifts

Here is a list of software that I have installed on my computer.

I will start with the beginner guitarist software first. I sometimes purchase guitar software to check its quality before recommending it.


This course is very good for a beginner. It gives advice on holding the guitar and pick plus many other things for the novice

This course has been going strong since 2004 because it works for anyone.

I recommend this course before you go to the fretboard software. It will give your fingers a chance to get stronger and get passed the sore stage

It will teach some chords and basic guitar strumming. A good all around starter course for guitar without getting too technical


Absolute Fretboard

I have a copy of this software on my computer and it does help learn the guitar neck

It’s a hard to find software if you don’t know its name.

This is really good for learning where all the notes are on the guitar neck, plus it teaches what the notes look like in music notation.

This software has been around since 2000. It works if you do, put a little time into it.

You learn to read music without really trying while you learn the notes on the guitar neck

Use this software for 20 minutes a day and you will have the neck memorized in a very short time.

You will learn a lot of music theory with this software besides learning the neck

This software is also for developing speed so it won’t be obsolete after you learn the guitar neck. you can use it for years to come.

Absolute Fretboard

More Music gifts

Guitar Scales Method

This software is for someone who has been playing for a while. If you know some chords you are ready to start learning scales.

This software has been around since 2002. This is also a hard to find software.

If you apply yourself everyday you will learn all the major scales in all the positions in one tenth of the time it would take without this software.

This knowledge will help all your playing especially your lead work.

This also teaches the pentatonic,blues and mode scales

Guitar Scales Method

Ear Training

This software has been around since 2001 and this is harder to find than the above two.

I have a copy so I know it works if you apply yourself.

Ear training should be started as soon as possible. Once the player can play a song or two.

This is one of the most neglected part of music training. Most universities that offer music as a major also have a 4 year ear training program to go along with the other studies

This is because it’s that important. If you train your ears along with your other studies you will learn to recognize chord changes.

This means you will be able to play what you hear increasing your playing ability to a professional level

This is good software for training your ears. It has quite a few ways of ear training like chords, single notes, short passages and more

Guitar Ear Training

More Ear Training

Here is another ear training program that uses a different approach than the one above. Check them both out and decide for yourself.

I don’t have this program but its been around for a while and it checks out all right.

Pure Pitch

Guitar Speed

This software goes beyond what the Absolute Fretboard will do for your speed. You should be playing for a year or two and know your scales before buying this software.

This software has been around since 2000. I have a copy on my computer and it does work if you do.

If you apply yourself you will be playing at amazing speeds with clean clear notesin a relatively short time

This software requires patients and you have to be honest to yourself about your playing ability for it to work right

Guitar Speed Software

The above software products will give you years of service. You just have to apply yourself for them to work

Guitar Scale Mastery

Here is another program for learning scales. This is just another approach for learning scales.

This program has been around since 2006 and it’s popular

Your guitar player may like this approch better.

When learning guitar I always had more than 1 book on a subject if I could find them and afford them.

I think it helps to get more than one view of a subject. Much like different teachers. Some get through to you and some don’t.

It’s not always your fault if you don’t understand something completely.

Guitar Scale Mastery

It has a money back guarantee if you don’t like it

Music gifts that last all year

Lead Guitar Products

Pentatonic Power

Pentatonic scales and positions are essential for creating leads and riffs.

This program comes from a site that has been online since 2001.

This is where you start to learn to play lead guitar. You should have a fair amount of know how on chords. The more you know the better

By using these scales and the notes the chords are made from you will be able to create some nice leads. Start out slow. Speed follows accuracy

Pentatonic Power

Blues Guitar

I have a copy of this program. It explains how to use the major and minor blues scales.

It’s been around for awhile now, at least 3 years.

Here is a good course on the basics of playing blues guitar leads.

This is a good follow up course to the Pentatonic course.

If you already know the Pentatonic scales you can just jump right in.

Playing Through the Blues

50 Blues Tracks

Here is a good program for after you can play some licks.

They aren’t midi tracks, I know you don’t like midi tracks, nobody does.

The tracks come in different Blues styles like shuffles or Stormy Monday styles plus others

Very good for trying new ideas and you don’t have to get your friends together to jam.

Jamming is one of the best ways to hear what your licks sound like it a real music situation, follow the chord changes.

Here is where you learn from your mistakes listen to your playing carefully. Excellent way to tighten up your timing too. Many times it’s not “what” you play but “when” you play it.

50 Blues Tracks

Slow Down Software

One of the best music gifts you can get. Learn any solo no matter how fast

I’ve had a copy of this for about 3 years it works great.

This is software that takes any song from a CD or a file on your computer and slows it down to a speed you select

It doesn’t change the pitch of the music and you can loop it if you want

This is the best invention ever for guitar players.

Now you can slow down that lead you always wanted to play from a song and learn it note for note.

This will get your ears hearing music better also like the ear training couses above


This is for any musician not just guitar players. It helps to hear lyrics to songs you were never sure what they were saying.

I used to play 45’s at 33 RPM speed to learn song parts but it changed the key making it harder to learn

Ask someone older if you don’t know what a 45 is. No it’s not a gun

A very useful music gift

Top of Music Gifts