Music Gift Ideas

Music Gift Ideas

Music gift ideas. Give the gift of music it’s always appreciated, wether it’s a mp3 player,a music download, a CD, sheet music for the musician, a band poster or a band T shirt and let’s not forget Satellite and HD radios.

As the holiday season approaches you may need some ideas of what to give your family members and close friends for gifts. How about Music?

Music was always one of my favorite gifts. A new Beatles or Stones album was always a good gift. Today you have many options for music besides albums. You can hand pick the tunes you like from an album online. You don’t have to get the whole album.

A gift of music doesn’t have to be music itself it can be a radio, mp3 player, a band T shirt or poster for the wall.

You can also give a gift card from a music related site so you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong thing for that finicky person

Music CD’s/Downloads
Music Gift Ideas

Did you know that todays CD’s are better than the original recordings. They have found ways to get more out of the original record tracks. Things like the drummers cymbals and bass lines that have been in the background are easy to hear.

If you have an older CD or album that you really like try a new enhanced CD. They will say enhanced or something to that effect if they have been redone. I think it’s all part of the HD(High Definition) thing.

I use a couple different sites for buying CD’s and getting downloads.

I use these sites because they all have good prices and I know they are legal CD’s and downloads of the original artist not a bootleg from someone’s computer.

Music CD’s

Amazon-Music Cd’s

Walmart-Music Cd’s

fye-Music CDs

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Music Downloads mp3

Amazon-mp3 Downloads

Walmart-mp3 Downloads

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The next one isn’t actually a music gift but most people that like music also like to have a little fun and they may like a video game.

These games aren’t just for kids. Us older grown-up kids like them too.




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Concert Tickets
Music Gift Ideas

A concert ticket to your favorite band or even a sporting event is a great present too.

You can buy tickets for an area close to you.

You can also buy tickets in advance and get good seats at a lower price to please your concert goer and save you some money.

Concert Tickets

Sports Tickets

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Satellite Radios & Subscriptions

Satellite radio is a way to listen to music commercial free. There are over 130 music channels to choose from. They cover any style you like and there are also specific artist stations.

You can get comedy and sports also with XM radio. You can pretty much pick and choose what you want to subscribe to.

They are running specials right now until the end of the year.

The company Sirius and XM Radio have teamed up to give you anything you could possibly want from a radio. Music, Comedy, Talk shows, Sports of all kinds worldwide.

Home Page

Radio Subscription Deals

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Band/Music Posters
Music Gift Ideas

Posters are like paintings but they cost a lot less. They are a good way to decorate a wall in a bedroom, basement or your music room if you have one. They get hung up in living rooms too.

Kids like to hang posters of their favorite people wether they are popular musicians or a sports figure.

123Posters – Music Posters

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Band T-Shirts

Every concert I have ever been to there are people outside the concert hall selling band T shirts for whoever is playing that night.

Some of them selling bootleg T-shirts. In other words they didn’t pay some royalty money to the artist or recording company. These shirts are usually cheaper and are of low quality.

That isn’t true of They are official sellers for whoever is on the shirt. They also have hoodies and other stuff for your gift selection.

Official Rock Band T-Shirts & Gear

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More Music Gift Ideas

Musicians – Guitar Players

This section is for the ones that not only listen to the music but play it as well.

One of the things that will help your playing is reading about top guitarists in magazines. There are magazines that have examples and they discuss what kind of gear they use and alternate tunings for a particular song and a lot of other tips on playing.

A good way to learn little guitar tricks to impress your friends and fellow guitarist’s.

Here is a list of them one is for bass. The one I read is Guitar Player and has been around a long time and has some good articles and lessons.

These magazines vary in price. I pay about $15.00 a year for Guitar Player.

All the magazine links open in a new window.

Guitar Magazines
Music Gift Ideas

Guitar Gear
Music Gift Ideas

I have two sites I like for guitars and gear.

Here is a list of basic accessories guitar players need from Same Day Music. All the links open in a new window.

Basic Gear

Here is a link to Birdland Music. I usually check out these two sites for my guitar needs because they are both good to deal with, good prices and quick delivery. Sometimes you might find a deal on what you want if you check out both sites.

Birdland has a clearance page too. You can find good deals there and save some money on a music gift.

Birdland Music

Clearance Deals

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Sheet Music/Books

I have two sites I use for sheet music and books. The first link is to Music Notes.

Music Notes

This site has the best sheet music for guitar players. It goes beyond regular sheet music into transcribing.

You get the whole song with all the guitar parts including the solo if it has one.

I have a copy of Pink Floyds song Hey You. It’s 10 pages long not counting the title page. You get everything for the guitar parts. Written in music notation and tablature.

You can get a physical Gift Card or an e-mail gift card from any amount from 1 to 500 dollars. The Guitar Guru versions run about $7.00 per song depending on the length. They run specials pretty often.

There’s free software for viewing and printing the songs

Gift Certificate Card

E-Mail Gift Certificate

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Sheet Music Plus

This is a good site for Mel Bay lesson books plus a lot of other artist books and regular sheet music.

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Backing Tracks

Backing tracks are a great way to practice licks or just jam and try new ideas.

These tracks are good for any instrument not just guitar.

Planet of Rock uses real music(No MIDI) and you can pick from head banging to mellow with a large selection of popular bands.

the first link is the home page and the second link is for the Blues section.

Planet of Rock – Home Page

Planet of Rock – Blues Tracks

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