Mixolydian Flat 6 ModeDominant Sharp 5 Chords

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The mixolydian flat 6 mode comes from the 5th note of the Melodic minor scale. You can use it to improvise over regular dominates and dominants with a ♯5.

The chord that is built from the melodic scale for the 5th note is a dominant 7th chord. This scale also has a flat 6 or a sharp 5th depending on how you want to remember it.

The flat 6 or sharp 5 gives that augmented sound like the augmented triads

Augmented Triads Page

This scale will be played against a G7 chord

All the modes have a certain note or group of notes that give it its unique sound.

These are the notes you want to target when you use these modes to bring out the chord changes

This gives your solos a professional seasoned sound.

Timing the notes that make this mode unique will help you use this scale.

The G mixolydian flat 6 played against a G7 chord

The notes that make this mode unique are the 5 and ♯5, they are the notes I used the most.

The Mixolydian Flat 6 Mode List

Mixolydian ♭6 Formula


This scale is a major scale with a flatted 6 and 7

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