Minor Blues Scale

Discover the minor blues scale for improvising. This scale is used for blues and rock licks just as much as the minor Pentatonic.

Blues scales are pentatonic scales with an added note between the 4th and 5th note. However this one note changes the whole scale.

Try this scale along with the pentatonic for more feeling.

In other words an A minor scale would be the same as a C major scale and vice versa.

Here are the two scales first the major then the minor.

Here is what they both sound like. They almost sound identical at first listen. Practice being able to tell them apart.

The major scale is built 1-2-3♭-3-5-6

The minor scale is built 1-3♭-4-5♭-5-7

The major and minor blues in A

Minor Blues

Minor Blues Patterns

The R stands for the root of the scale.

To use the minor blues in the same key as the major you have to move it up 3 frets

The diamonds are the Blue Notes. This is what’s different from the major pentatonic.

The minor blue notes are the flatted 5 and 7.

The 6th string is on your left the nut is on the top

The Minor Blues Scale

Major Blues Scales

I hope you found this page useful.