Minor Blues Chord Progression

The minor blues chord progression is like the 12 bar blues progression but usually deviate from the basic progression.

If you played it without any variations it would get boring very fast.

The minor blues is usually used in a slow layed back song.

Here is the basic chord progression to use as an outline. This will be in A minor

Here are the chord diagrams.

Minor Blues Progressions – 1

Here is a slight one chord change in the progression.

This one is closer to the dominant 12 bar progression. We have some more variations.

Minor Blues Progressions – 2

This one changes one chord in the last one we did.

Minor Blues Progressions
Dominant 7th Variation

This one brings in one more chord buts it’s a dominant 7th.

The Dominant 7th will replace the E minor chord and add some color to this basic minor progression.

Minor Blues Progressions
Major 7th Variation

This is the progression for The Thrill is Gone.

Here are a couple links for this song.

The Thrill is Gone – mp3

The Thrill is Gone Sheet Music

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Use the 2nd E7 form from above on this after the F major 7th.

The next ones go into the use of dominant chords to replace the simple minor triads.

Replacing the IV Minor Chord

In this progression you replace the IV chord Dm with a dominant 7th of the same root D7.

You also use altered dominant chords for the V chords Em or E7

Here are some chord Diagrams

These are not the only altered chords you can use. There are a lot of altered dominant chords to pick from.

Check out my other page on altered chords.

Altered Chords