Lydian Sharp 2 Mode

The Lydian sharp 2 mode comes from the 6th note of the harmonic minor scale.This mode will give you another tool or way of thinking when it comes to improvising over a major 7th chord.

This scale can also be used when you have an unaltered major 7th or one with a ♯11 or a ♭5.

This scale also contains a “blue” note, the flat 5.

The scale also has a minor and major 3rd in it. The minor 3rd is another “blue” note

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Guitar Scales Method

This mode is close to a blues scale but the 7th is a major

This is the F Lydian sharp 2 played against an F major 7th

The Lydian sharp 2 played against an F major 7th chord

The G♯ in this mode will give a minor sound because it is a minor 3rd from the F. It can also be used as a passing tone to the A for a Major sound and a little Blues touch.

The G♯ is also a ♯9. The B gives you the ♭5 or ♯11 sound.

The Lydian Sharp 2 Mode List

The Keys below are Minor Harmonic, not relative major.

The D♯ and E♭ are the same scale this is where I switched from flat to sharp keys in the list.

I hope you found this page useful.