Lydian Sharp 2 Mode for…Major 7th Chords

The Lydian sharp 2 mode comes from the 6th note of the harmonic minor scale.This mode will give you another tool or way of thinking when it comes to improvising over a major 7th chord.

This scale can also be used when you have an unaltered major 7th or one with a ♯11 or a ♭5.

This scale also contains a “blue” note, the flat 5.

The scale also has a minor and major 3rd in it. The minor 3rd is another “blue” note

This mode is close to a blues scale but the 7th is a major

This is the F Lydian sharp 2 played against an F major 7th

The Lydian sharp 2 played against an F major 7th chord

The G♯ in this mode will give a minor sound because it is a minor 3rd from the F. It can also be used as a passing tone to the A for a Major sound and a little Blues touch.

The G♯ is also a ♯9. The B gives you the ♭5 or ♯11 sound.

The Lydian Sharp 2 Mode List

The Keys below are Minor Harmonic, not relative major.

The D♯ and E♭ are the same scale this is where I switched from flat to sharp keys in the list.

Lydian Sharp 2 Mode Formula

The obvious is raise the 2nd of the Lydian mode from the major scale.

The formula based on the major scale


Easy one to remember if you like this mode.

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