Learning the Lydian ModeIV Chord Improvising

The Lydian mode has a nice bright major sound to it making it good for a lot of music styles.

Modes are scales within scales. This mode comes from the 4th note of the major scale. If you play the C scale from F to F thats it.

This scale would have a raised 4th compared to the F major scale, it’s these little differences in scales and modes that give us unique sounds.

The F Lydian played against an F chord

Here we go with another list of modes for you to use while improvising. This works well over the IV chord in it’s parent scale, a major or maj7 chords.

It also works with major chords with a flatted 5th or raised 11th in them. The flat 5 and the raised 11th are the same note just an octave apart.

The flat five is a “blue” note, one of the notes that give the blues scale its unique sound

Each one starts from the 2nd column and reads left to right the first column tells you what key it came from.

The Lydian Formula

This formula goes 1-2-3-♯4-5-6-7

Raise the 4th of any major scale to make this mode