Learning Guitar ScalesA Tough Job?

Learning guitar scales and modes can be very boring making it harder to concentrate and remember, like all those dates in history class I could never remember.

Scales are like baseball fields. Each one is the same but they’re different too. One field the turf might be lumpy making the ball bounce crazy another field it’s easy to hit it over the fence.

Different scales on guitar make a big difference in a song. It can give you more open strings or different fingerings that sound better in one scale than in another scale. Unlike the Piano which is linear and the only thing that changes is the pitch and how far over on the seat you go to reach the notes.

Some scales are harder to use on the guitar than others. The scales with the notes of the open strings in them are more popular.

However if you are going to play with horns like a Sax you need to know your flat keys because this is what they use.

Major Scale First

Learning the major scale first is the way to go.

Learn the C scale first, it’s an easy one no sharps or flats

If you learn the C major scale you will have also learned the following;

C – Major Pentatonic – C D E G A C

A – Minor Pentatonic – A C D E G A

C – Ionian Mode – (Major Scale) – C D E F G A B C

D – Dorian Mode – D E F G A B C D

E – Phrygian Mode – E F G A B C D E

F – Lydian Mode – F G A B C D E F

G – Mixolydian Mode – G A B C D E F G

A – Aeolian Mode – (Natural Minor) – A B C D E F G A

B – Locrian Mode – B C D E F G A B

Two More Scales
Major/Minor Blues Scales

If you add the note E♭ between the D and E of the major pentatonic you will have the C major blues scale

Also if you add the E♭ between the D and E of the minor pentatonic scale you will have the A minor blues scale

Same Scales – Different Root Note

Relative Scales

The major and minor pentatonic relative scales have the same notes.

The C major has the same notes as the A minor pentatonic.

The relative minor is a minor 3rd or 3 frets back from the major pentatonic scale.

The relative major is a minor 3rd or 3 frets ahead from the minor pentatonic scale.

It’s the Root

What makes them different is where you start or the root note.

The C pentatonic sounds better if played over the C chord form.

The root note is more powerful than the 6th or A note making your solo want to return to the root tone.

Using the Minor Form for Major Chords

You can use the minor form just don’t use the root to start with use the second note, a minor third ahead.

In other words use the A minor form for a C chord but make the C note home and not the A

Learning Guitar Scales – The Modes

The same is true of all the modes above.

They are the same notes as the C scale but they start on a different note.

These can be used over the chords in the C scale.

Learning guitar scales doesn’t have to be hard

C Major Scale Modes

Ionian Mode – I or any C chord except for dominants

Dorian Mode – ii chord D minor chords

Phrygian Mode – Em chords – limited due to F note

Lydian Mode – IV chord or any F except dominant

Mixolydian Mode – V chord or any G dominant

Aeolian Mode – vi chord or any A minor Chord

Locrian Mode – vii or Bm7♭5 chord – For Jazz Players

Scale Learning Software

The hardest part of learning guitar scales is where to start? How many times do I have to play the same scale? Which scales to learn first?

This is a little different than the tetrachord way of learning scales. you might understand this easier.

Organization is the Key

This is a software program that helps you learn all of the major scales, modes and other scales.

It’s amazing how a computer and some software can make learning these scales so much easier than the way I learned them.

Scale and Mode Learning (Opens New Window)

Small Easy Steps

Learning scales in small visual sections makes learning them easier to remember.

Scales are simple but confusing because the notes are very similar for each scale.

If you are willing to take a little time each day and use this software you will learn all the scales everywhere on the fretboard.

Don’t overdo it, about ten to twenty minutes a day will do.

You will also learn about chords and arpeggios. Arpeggio is a fancy word for a chord played one note at a time

The beginning of Roy Orbison’s song Pretty Woman is an E9th arpeggio mixed up a little bit. The same with the Lennon/McCartney song Day Tripper

Right or Left Handed

It’s simple software with a full length fretboard for right or left handed players

Take your time and follow each step. You’ll learn music basics, chords and much more.

Veteran Guitar Players

Even long time guitar players can benefit from this product, you’ll be surprised how much you don’t know as well as you thought you did.

Learning Scales Method

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