Learn Guitar while You…. Play Some Easy Songs

Entering the world of music making and trying to learn guitar can be a little intimidating with all there is to learn.

Take it a little at a time and it becomes easy. Learning a few chords to start out will get you playing some easy songs. This will keep you interested as you learn about music.

Learn to Play Guitar – Start Now

The guitar is the greatest musical instrument ever invented. You can play any style of music, from an emotional love song to a ear shattering rock solo and everything in between.

Do you love guitar music?

Do you have a guitar sitting in a closet?

Have you always had a desire to play?

Have you tried to learn before?

Learn Guitar Easier Now

Times have changed and learning guitar isn’t as hard as it used to be in the 60’s when I learned.

You have many more ways of learning how to play guitar than ever before.

Computers have changed the way we learn guitar.

There are formats like books, audio, video, software and internet guitar sites, with instant downloads or sign-ups

Start Learning Guitar Now

Learning how to play guitar is fairly easy with a little patience. You already have a sense of rhythm from nursery rhymes and childhood songs. You use it when you tap your foot to a song, see you already know how to keep time.

Here are some easy chords to start learning guitar with. There are many things to learn about music and the guitar, but try to play something even if it sounds bad. This is the starting point for everybody.

Try to finger all of these chords except the F and the Dm7 with the very tips of your fingers so you don’t block any other notes from ringing out.

The best way to do this is to keep your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck. The higher the thumb goes the lower your fingers go.

There are times when the thumb should be higher like for stretching strings but this is not one of them.

The quickest way to learn guitar is to learn some easy chords first and then use them to play some easy songs. You still have to learn the basics but by being able to play something in the beginning it will keep your interest.

An Easy Rolling Stones Song to Play

One of the songs you can use to learn guitar is the Rolling Stone’s song “You can’t always get what you want”. It goes back and forth between the C and F until the lyrics “if you try sometimes” and then it switches to D to F and back to the C to F thing. Don’t forget to tune up.

Listen for the chord changes in the song. This is the beginning of really listening to music and learning guitar.

Get Tuned

Here are links to an mp3 download of the song and one for sheet music for it. This will open in a new window

You Can’t always Get What You Want

The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want Sheet Music (Digital Download)

There are literally hundreds of songs that you can use to learn guitar, some are probably your favorite songs.

You’ll be surprised by how many great songs are composed with only 3 or 4 chords.

There are many aspects to learning guitar but this will get you started.

You get hooked once you hear yourself play along with a song or two. Learning to play guitar is just the beginning of a lifetime journey into playing music.

Guitar Playing Styles – Learn Them All

There are quite a few ways to play a guitar.

Playing with a pick – This is the most popular

Finger-style using a thumb pick

Finger-style or Classical using your fingers to pick

A combination of pick and fingers called hybrid picking

Slide guitar- You can use a pick or fingers or hybrid picking

Any style above can be used on an acoustic or electric guitar

Learning guitar all these way is the way to go. They each have their purpose for different songs and styles of music.

Learning Guitar Basics

You should learn or at least understand the following things to get started.

Learning the guitar fretboard will take a little time if you just started learning guitar.

These pages will show you some of the basics, you can also find more info in the guitar basics and beginner guitar pages.

Here are some buying tips in case you don’t have a guitar yet. It may save you some money and aggravation.

Don’t spend a lot of money on a guitar until your ready to stick with it.

How to buy a guitar.

Learning Guitar has no Age Limit

Your age doesn’t matter 8 to 80, if you can hold a guitar in your lap, your ready to learn guitar.

The older you are the easier to understand the basics.

The younger you are the more flexible your muscles.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages like everything else in life.

If you have a young child with a desire to learn guitar there are smaller versions (not toys) of guitars to get them started.

Learning Guitar – The Learning Never Stops

Learning guitar or any musical instrument is a life long learning process. Even after you think you know it all, there is always some new technique or song you will want to learn.

Even if you stop playing for a while, what you have learned will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This is especially true for the new way you will listen to music from now on.

You will also get the urge to play much like the urge you get for your favorite food or activity.

Enjoy the Journey.

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