Learn Guitar asap(As Soon As Possible) – Learning Guitar Can be Easy

Discover how easy learning guitar can be by learning a few easy chords and strums and some easy popular songs to play. Most songs usually only have a few chords in them.

The world of making music can be very confusing for the beginner guitarist with all there is to learn like scales, chords, written music, tablature and more. However if you learn a few chords and easy to play songs first you can play without any music knowledge to start off, this will keep you interested as you learn music basics.

I recommend taking lessons from a local guitar learning school(not a friend) in your area, dont try to learn everything off the internet by yourself. There’s a lot of confusing and conflicting info to deal with.

You can learn a few chords quickly and after some practice you will be able to change chords smoothly. That awkward playing feeling at the beginning will disappear into a smooth strum. Listen closely to how you sound, this is the most important thing you can do to improve your playing from beginner to professional

You could be playing a song with a few hours of practice. There are many popular songs written using three or four chords, most music has a simple basic format. It’s all the instruments playing together that gives that full complex sound.

The guitar is one of the most versatile musical instruments. You can play using your fingers or with a pick or a combination of the two. There are also different tunings that you can use and don’t forget slide guitar. It’s also fairly easy to learn.

Start Playing Guitar Today

Everybody starts here. Even the best super guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and more.

You could be playing a song the same day you get your guitar, maybe not good but you have to take the first step and try. Learn a little at a time and it becomes easier to comprehend. It’s like learning anything some parts will be easy for you and some not so easy.

Just keep going forward and try not to get discouraged. Be patient and listen closely to your playing, it does take a bit of practice to get smooth.

Every journey starts with the “First Step”

Learn Some Easy Chords

Starting to learn guitar is as easy as learning a few chords. This will be enough to get you playing some easy songs. This also will keep you interested as you learn about music.

Many popular songs have only three or four chords in them. Eric Clapton’s song Wonderful Tonight is one of them.

When you learn one song you also learn other songs too. Music uses the same basic chords over and over, the melody, lyrics and rhythm are what changes. Many songs use the same chord progression, they get disguised by using different keys and rhythms.

Learning the chords below will let you play many songs. These are the three major chords in the key of G major

Tuning Up

This is the first thing to learn or nothing will sound right. It’s not hard, you just match the note, you will hear it when it matches but it may take some practice for your ears to get trained. Check out the page below for tuning your guitar. Staying in tune will help you develop your musical ear

Guitar Tuning

Start Strumming

Learn how to feel the song and not just play a strumming pattern over and over which gets boring to you and your listeners. A steady rhythm is important but you can vary certain things to sound more professional

This is a good way to learn guitar as long as you are learning the other music basics to make you a musician, not just a guitar player.

Listen to how guitar players strum on songs, this is the beginning of listening to music as a musician and not just a listener. Listen to the other instruments too, especially the Bass player. The bass will tell you when to change chords.

Click on the link below and check out this site

Beginner Lessons

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This is a good way to start playing and learning guitar at the same time.

After you can strum a song or two start learning the basics of music like scales and learn where those chords come from. This will make songs easier to learn and remember. Learn the major scale that the songs you know are in and pick out the melody notes.

Note – There will be notes and chords outside the scale. This happens quite often in music.

Start Singing

Singing will help your playing, getting you to feel the chord changes with the lyrics. It might be hard at first but keep at it and it will get easier.

Below are links to a singing programs to help you start singing without hurting your vocal chords

The first one is inexpensive and a good starting place for a beginner. The second one costs more but is a much better product for those of you who are serious about learning to sing.

Learn to Sing

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Learning to Sing Better

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Learning Guitar – It’s Easier Now

Computers have changed the way we learn about everything including music and guitar. You now have more ways to learn guitar than ever before.

  • Guitar Lessons – Local Music Store and Online
  • Books – Local Music Stores, Some Libraries and the Web
  • Audio – Included CD in Some Books and Online
  • Video – Included with Some CD Books and Online
  • Software – Software Can Make Learning Guitar Faster, Easier and More Fun
  • Web Sites – A Ton of Guitar Info
  • Learning Off any Music Source – This is How I Learned Songs By Ear
  • Learning from other Guitar Players

How to Hold a Guitar

This might sound dumb but if you don’t hold the guitar right from the beginning you could get some really bad habits that are very hard to break. They will stop you from getting better.

Holding the Guitar

Learning Guitar Scales

Scales are the ABC’s of music. The better you know the different scales the better you will be able to play and improvise. Scales are also where chords come from.

Guitar Scales

Start Learning Guitar Now

Learning how to play guitar is fairly easy with a little patience. You already have a sense of rhythm from nursery rhymes and childhood songs. You use it when you tap your foot to a song.

Learning Guitar Chords

Chords are the background music for the melody of a song. The Melody can be a singer or a musical instrument. It can be both as in many songs with an instrumental break in it. Chords can be played by strumming with or without a pick or by finger picking. Learning to do both will expand your playing ability.

Here is a link to chord section of the site.

Guitar Chords

Easy Songs to Learn

There are hundreds of songs that you can use to learn guitar, some are probably your favorite songs. You’ll be surprised by how many great songs are composed with only 3 or 4 chords.

There are many aspects to learning guitar but this will get you started. You might have to transpose to another key for your voice range. Here is a link to my major scale page where you can find the keys and chords for transposing(changing keys)

You will get hooked once you hear yourself play along with a song or two. Learning to play guitar is just the beginning of a lifetime journey into playing music.

Check out the page Guitar Songs for Beginners for easy songs.

Learning Guitar
A Lifetime Journey

Learning guitar or any musical instrument is a life long learning process. Even after you think you know it all, there is always some new technique or song you will want to learn.

Even if you stop playing for a while, most of what you have learned will stay with you for the rest of your life. This is especially true for the new way you will listen to music from now on.

You will also get the urge to play much like the urge you get for your favorite food or activity.

Enjoy Your Musical Journey.

I hope you found this page useful.