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When you practice things on your guitar you have to slow down and take your time. If you rush through things like playing scales you can get get some bad playing habits.

Close Enough

It’s easy to rush through practice when you have a lot of other things to do and think to yourself that’s close enough but doing this will only set you back and you won’t get any better.

Muscle Memory

Muscles remember things that you practice whether it’s good or bad. Muscles can’t think only you can do that and it’s very easy to train your muscles to do something wrong if you let it go. You say I’ll work on that later but later never comes and you are still playing things mediocre.

Extreme Concentration

To get the most out of your practice you have to play slowly and watch every move that your fingers and hands are doing. You can always play something wright when you do it slow. You have to catch your fingers or hand in the act to see what you need to work on.

Whole Body

You should also pay attention to how you sit. If you hold the guitar right it can help your playing a lot because you can reach everything easily. This also goes for your standing position, don’t hold your guitar low like you see on music videos, that’s for show.

The Metronome

This tools is invaluable for practice. This is how you work things up to speed without making mistakes. They really help with your timing and practice.

Practice Guide

Practice slow, pay attention to fingers, hands and body and correct your playing so you get nice clear notes in time and with little effort.

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