Learn Bass Guitar

Want to learn bass guitar? The bass is the lead guitar of the rhythm section. The bass and drums are the backbone of the rhythm section in most bands along with a piano or rhythm guitar.”

Another role of the bass player is to provide harmony by choosing notes that will fit the music’s mood from the songs scale or chord tones.

A good bass player will also lead you into chord changes like for the songs break or chorus.

Listen to Paul McCartney from The Beatles play. He has some really nice Bass lines. Day tripper is a good song where he plays what the lead guitar is playing giving it a fuller sound.

They can also make a riff like a guitar that plays throughout the song, like We Gotta Get Out of This Place by the Animals, an oldie but goodie.

This riff identfies the song as soon as it starts like Keith Richards of the Stones riff in Satisfaction.


Bass Players rarely play chords like a guitar player does, all the notes at the same time. It would have a too muddy of a sound for most songs.

Same Notes as Guitar

The four string bass guitar has the same notes as the top four strings of a regular guitar just tuned down an octave although it sounds lower than that because of the thick strings

Bass Guitar Notes

The second E note is equal to the open 6th string on a regular guitar. Note that this the Bass clef not the treble clef that guitar music is written in. This is also what a keyboard player plays with his or her left hand. They read both treble and bass clefs at the same time.

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