Harmonic Minor 7th Mode for…Diminished and Dominant 7th

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The harmonic minor 7th mode can also be used for diminished 7th and dominant 7th chords by starting ½ tone above the root.

This scale will work for a G♯ diminished chord or a G7 chord giving it a ♭9 sound.

The A minor harmonic mode played against a G sharp diminished chord

I only played mode notes so you can here its character. The diminished 7th can be used in blues and rock as well as Jazz and beyond.

The Harmonic 7th Mode List

The D♯ and E♭ are the same scale just written different. This is where I switched from flat to sharp keys in the list.

The Harmonic 7th Mode Formula

This mode doesn’t have a related mode name that I know of.

Here is the mode built from a major scale formula