Guitar Tuning Open G

Discover the guitar tuning open G. This is a popular tuning it has a Banjo like sound if played with the right tone settings. It’s a good slide Blues tuning.

This tuning gets a lot of use in the traditional bottleneck style of slide guitar.

This tuning is based on the barre chord on the left except it will be one octave lower.

Two Open G Tunings

There are two different tunings for the open G. One is high and one is low. The difference is in the 6th and 5th strings

How to Tune Low G Tuning
Guitar Tuning Open G

Here are the tuning notes in case you can’t see the letters on the diagram.

  • E string(heavy) = D = 5th
  • A string = G = Root
  • D string = D = 5th
  • G string = G = Root
  • B string = B = 3rd
  • E string = D = Root

Tuning to Low Open G

The 4, 3 and 2 strings stay tuned as standard pitch. These 3 strings are a G chord in standard tuning.

The easiest way to tune to this is have your guitar tuned to the standard tuning first.

Next tune the top E string to the open 4th string. You will hear it match up the octave as you tune down

Then tune the 1st string to the 4th only one octave higher. You will hear it blend as you tune down.

Last tune the 5th string to the 3rd string. Another octave deal. Then start playing.

Once you get used to hearing the octaves match up tuning is easy.

Open Low G Tuning Listen

Here is what it sounds like. I played the open chord and a 1st position C chord so you can hear the tuning.

Open Position Chords – Low G Tuning

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