Guitar TunerEssential Tool for Guitarists

A guitar tuner is just as important as guitar strings you gotta have one.

Guitars are effected by temperature and humidity and need to be checked on a daily basis or more if you stretch the strings a lot.

Guitars can be hard to keep in tune if you are constantly going to and from different places to play or just practice. Heating and air conditioning effect the guitar’s tuning along with the weather and humidity.

For this reason you should have a guitar tuner nearby all the time. If you travel around with your guitar put one in your case. Even a simple tuning fork will do.

Online Guitar Tuner

I moved the tuner here to get it out of the way. You can find this page with the “Tune Up” button in the navigation bar on the left of any page you are on.

If you play in tune all the time it will be easier to play by ear because the notes will be the same constantly.

Here is an “A” note for tuning.

Most of the tuners you see today are digital like everything else in electronics

Some of them have a visual screen along with the audio tone. A lot of them are chromatic too, which means you can pick any note you want for tuning.

Another way they differ is some are pedal tuners which you can use like a stomp box and some are clip ons that you can place on the headstock or sound hole on an acoustic.

One thing I learned checking these tuners out is that there are a lot of guitar tuners out there.

Guitar Tuner Companies

I’m putting links to these tuners in a list by the companies that make them rather than just the type of tuner.

Most of them make several types so you can check them all out and you may have a company you prefer. I would buy another Korg tuner if mine broke because it has worked perfectly without a problem and they have good prices.

Some I’ve never heard of but I trust the company that’s selling them. Every company starts out unknown until their products or services prove themselves to the public, so don’t be afraid to try a product because you never heard of the company.

Boss Tuners

BOSS is the division of Roland Corporation recognized for its guitar and bass effects pedals.

But beyond these pedals, BOSS has innovative multi-effects, rhythm machines, personal digital studios and other easy-to-use tools for musicians.

All images link to the Boss Tuner Page

Korg Tuners

Korg is recognized as an innovative manufacturers of electronic musical instruments and accessories. They invented the world’s first handheld electronic tuner.

All images link to a Korg Tuner Page

Fender Tuners

Fender has two tuners a chromatic and a pedal tuner for guitar and bass. They are more into guitars and amps than accessories.

All images link to a Fender Tuner Page

Fishman Tuners

This company has been around a long time. I purchased a transducer for an acoustic guitar back in the 80’s from these guys. They are all about acoustic sound.

They have one tuner for acoustic guitars at a “very” good price. It’s chromatic and visual, attaches with a clip.

Planet Wave Tuner

This company now owned by D’addario(String Makers) has been arond since 1994. They have a large line of guitar and bass accessories

All images link to a Planet Waves Tuner Page

Peterson Tuners

This is an old company responsible for the first electronic organ and the first strobe tuner in 1968.

All images link to a Petersons Tuners Page

Both images link to a Yamaha Tuners Page

TC Electronic Tuners

All images link to a Petersons Tuners Page

Ibanez Tuners

Ibanez is the kind of acoustis guitars I use but they make tuners too.

A guitar tuner is just as important as your strings, stay in tune at all times.

I hope you found this page useful.