Guitar Songs

What are guitar songs? These are songs that need a guitar in them to sound like the original recording. No other instrument sounds like the guitar.

It’s the tone and rhythm of each individual guitar part that makes them unique. These parts are usually simple to play once you figure out what the guitar player is doing.

Some Rolling Stones Songs

Many songs have guitar parts in them that are essential to the character of the song. Imagine the Stones song Satisfaction without the fuzzed up 3 note riff that makes the song what it is.

Another Rolling Stones classic “The Last Time” has a guitar riff that makes the song. I heard Dwight Yokum a Country singer do this song and it sounded great with a Southern Twang because he kept that riff in the song.

How about the beginning of “Gimme Shelter” with that tremolo rhythm guitar. This song would not sound right without it.

Mick Jagger’s singing also makes their songs. He knows how to phrase and enunciate words, you wouldn’t think he had an English accent in songs like “Heart Breaker” and “Honky Tonk Woman”.

Here’s a page to learn some Stones songs.

More Guitar Songs

Another group that has many guitar riffs in them as the song basis is The Beatles. One song “She’s a Woman” only uses a staccato 7th chord. They way John Lennon plays it makes it hard to duplicate on any other instrument, he slides down off it slightly giving it a unique sound.

Another song is Day Tripper. This isn’t far from Roy Orbison’s song Pretty Woman beginning guitar lick.

Beatles Guitar Songs

The Beatles actually had a short career as a group recording music from around 1962 to 1970. But they produced an enormous amount of great music in that short time.

They all went on recording as individuals and with other people but that magic of The Beatles was lost forever.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones used to go to the Beatles recording session. The beatles had a system where they could get a good take on a song playing it live with only a few recordings.

It’s actually hard to get a good recording because everything has to be perfect. This not only includes the musicians but the people recording you, microphone placement, amp settings. Everything.

Most recordings back then were recorded live as if they were playing in concert. Today they have a lot more ways with all the digital magic that can blend things in better.

Here’s a page to learn some Beatles songs.

More Guitar Songs

Another one of my favorite guitar players is Eric Clapton.

He’s been playing guitar for as long as I can remember. He started playing in clubs with a group called the Roosters in 1963 and then on to The Yardbirds, BluesBreakers, Cream and on until today.

I started following his playing from John Mayall and the BluesBreakers. He was very good back then even though he was young. His phrasing was that of a mature musician not a young guitar player.