Guitar Songs for Beginners

Every great guitar player started out with guitar songs for beginners to learn. You’re going to be surprised by how many top songs you like are easy to play. A lot of songs can be played with two to five chords.

One of the things that make a song popular is simplicity. Most of us don’t like to listen to complicated music patterns.

Music can be complex and simple at the same time. Listen to a country song, simple chord structure but those guitars(steel, regular, dobro, bass) and banjos, fiddles also playing simple music but intertwined into each other make it a challenge to learn on your guitar.

If you just started playing and want to learn more about chords click on the link below to go to the chord section of the site.

Guitar Chords

Listening and Playing Chords

Chord playing will get you to feel the rhythm of the music and how and when to change chords.

Tap your foot with the music. Chords usually change on the one beat for common and 3/4 time.

Most songs are in 4/4 time, this is also called common time. If you want to learn more about music beats check out the time signature page.

Time Signatures Explained – Music Rhythm

You will hear when chords change most of the time but some changes are very subtle and you have to listen carefully.

You’re going to love this new way of listening to music. You’ll listen more carefully to individual instruments and really appreciate music more.

Listen to the bass player in songs. This will help you hear chord changes.

Changing Chords

Chord changes are usually close to each other. For example to change from a C chord C-E-G to an F chord F-A-C, the E note moves up one fret and the G note moves up two frets. The C stays the same.

To change from a C chord to a G G-B-D the C would drop down 1 fret to B and the E would drop down two frets to a D.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to move too far to change chords most of the time.

Really Easy Guitar Songs

These are the easiest to play songs for the absolute beginner who knows nothing about the guitar.

Remember every guitar player was at this point at one time. Everybody starts here even the so called talented musicians.

Here is a link to the really easy songs

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby and Hank Williams – Jambalaya(Also known as On the Bayou).

Beginner Guitar Songs

Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

Playing acoustic guitar is a little different than electric because open string chords sound better on an acoustic so you try use them as much as possible.

John Lennon from the Beatles used acoustic guitar for a lot of the bands studio recording.

As a matter of fact Gibson has a John Lennon acoustic guitar model that they sell.

Here’s a link to a couple songs good for acoustic guitar. Americas – Horse with No Name and Neil Youngs – Heart of Gold

Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

Here is a page with some easy songs.

The songs are “Wonderful Tonight” – Eric Clapton, “Sympathy for the Devil” – Rolling Stones, “Hey Jude” – The Beatles

More Easy to Learn Guitar Songs

3 Chord Songs

Here are some easy 3 chord songs for you to learn guitar with.

Some Easy 3 Chord Songs

Here is another page with three chord progressions and hit songs that you have heard before.

Three Chord Progressions

4 Chord Songs

Here is a link to the 4 chord progessions. These are more popular songs that you have heard before and these progressions are still used today.

4 Chord Progressions

I hope you found this page useful.