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This is a guitar player survey designed to help me find out what you want in the way of learning guitar.

The more I know about your guitar learning needs the better I can help you play better.

This form will help me learn exactly what you want in the way of learning guitar and hopefully I can give you that or get close to it.

It won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

I will probably add or remove questions to the guitar player survey or change things from time to time.

Less Than Two Minutes

I know filling out a form can be annoying but it will be quick and I will find out what you want to find out about on guitar.

You will be able to fill out the form in less than two minutes. More like one minute.

Thank You Email

You are not signing up for anything. You will get one email from a robot telling you thanks for filling in the form and that will be it.

I am interesting in knowing who my visitors are and what they want to learn about guitar

Tell Us What You Want

You can choose multiple answers for square boxes.

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