Guitar Octaves

Guitar octaves are another essential learning lesson. Besides knowing them on the fretboard they can be used like keyboard players use them

You hear these used in many forms of music ocassionally but they are used quite often in Jazz. Listen to George Benson, he’s good with octaves

E Note Octave Positions

This is the only place where the E notes are on the guitar.

Octave Positions

I will show the main octave forms, just move up or down the neck to find your notes. These are really the only practical positions.

Picking Octaves

Plectrum(Pick) Style

You can play these with a pick but what you have to do is block the other strings in between with your fretting hand so they don’t sound out.

Hybrid Picking Style

This is where you use a pick for the top(low) note and the middle or ring finger for the other note.


This way you use your thumb for thr low note and one of your other fingers for the higher note. Use whatever finger feels comfortable to you

More Info

Please check out the Music Intervals page to learn more. There are are other common two note combo used in music.

I hope you found this page useful.

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