Guitar Magazines

Guitar magazines help you see how other players think of guitar and playing. They actually help you think in different ways about music and guitar which is a good thing

Below is a list of magazines that I have read or browsed through at one time or another but my favorite is still Guitar Player Magazine

I’ve been reading this one since the 70’s, I think this was the first guitar monthly magazine

Similar to Guitar Player mag but you might like it better for whatever reason

Like the title says there’s articles about those old guitars and people playing them

This magazine is mainly for acoustic guitar but not completely

Nice mag that covers a lot of aspects of playing guitar

A little on the high side about 12 dollars an issue. It’s a UK mag, Sorry no current preview available.

Classical Guitar

A higher priced mag. This company is located in England and Whales

This is another high cost magazine

This one is priced for most of us

Phsyical magazines can be taken anywhere to read and they’re easy to go back to for a reference

I hope you found this page useful.

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