Guitar Chord Images

Guitar chord images are all over the internet, remember though that there are many ways to play the same chord and give it a unique sound.

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s easier to use a diagram than read the notes and figure out what fingers to use.

This page is actually an index page for the dofferent chord images.

Major Guitar Chord Images

Here is a page with major chord images. These get a lot of play time.

Major Chords

Minor Chord Images

These chords are second only to the major chords as far as use.

Minor Chords

Major 7th Chord Images

These are smooth sounding chords. Made from a major and minor triad combined.

Major 7th Chords

Dominant 7th Chord Images

These are the main chords in blues songs and in the ii-V7 progressions.

Dominant 7th Chord

Minor 7th Chord Images

These chords add a little spice to the plain minor chord.

Minor 7th

Minor 6th Chord Images

These chords have a few names and a few different uses. Check out the Minor 6th chords page.

Minor 6th Images

Diminished 7th Chord Images

These are really unique chords that have many different uses. Check out the diminished 7th chords page to learn more.

Diminished 7th Images

Augmented Chords

These chords have a raised 5th in them and are also useful in line progressions where you hear the bass note raise or lower by one note. It adds a little tension and leads the progression to the next chord.

Augmented Chords

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