Free Guitar Learning PDF’s

Free guitar learning pdf’s is a page where I put all my free pdf’s for anyone to download and share with friends and fellow musicians

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These PDF’s are the individual major scales and their chords. They are listed in the circle of fourths. You will find many songs use the circle of 4ths for chord changes.

These modes are actually the major scale but starting at a different note then the scale name itself. These are the most used modes of the major scale.

They define the tonal root of a song. In other words a song can be in the C major scale but have a D minor chord as the home chord, this is the Dorian scale which is built on the second note of the major scale.

Aeolian Mode

Aeolian Modes

The Aeolian mode starts on the sixth note of the major scale, so an A Aeolian mode is the C major scale starting fron A. This mode is good for improvising over minor chords like Am, Am7 and Am9

Dorian Mode

The Dorian mode starts on the second note, so a D Dorian mode is the C scale starting on the D note. This mode is good for improvising over minor chords like Dm, Dm6, Dm7, Dm9 and more.

Dorian Modes

Mixolydian Mode

The Mixolydian mode starts on the fifth note of a major scale so the G Mixolydian is the C scale starting on the 5th or G note. This mode is used for improvising over Dominant chords like the G7, G9 and G13th.

Mixolyian Modes

Free Chord PDF’s – Learn to Make Chords

The Chord Formulas PDF is for learning how chords are made. Once you know some of these formulas you will be able to make your own chords. You can get some unique chord voicing this way by adding open strings even though you are playing the chord in a upper fret position.

The chord blanks is for making your own chord book. Print the blank on both sides, punch holes in them and put them in an empty 3 hole notebook.

  • Chord Formulas
  • Chord Diagram Blanks
  • Left Handed Chord Diagrams