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Getting event tickets is easier than ever. The internet can save you hours of standing in line unless you like that. That used to be the thing to do for a concert people would get in line the day before so they could get a ticket.

I’ve put together some links to a website that I have used for concert tickets before and found them to have good prices and service.

It’s also good for sports events, theater and Las Vegas shows in case you get the urge to go lose some money and have some fun.

An elder gentleman told me in my youth that you can’t put a price on pleasure and I believe that to be true. If I ever hit the lottery I’ll let you know for sure.

There are search boxes at the bottom of each section to help you find what you want.

Concert Event Tickets

Whatever kind of music you like you can find what you want here in the way of live music.

There are concerts for everyone’s taste in music and also for the kids and family.

Children and Family Tickets

Festivals and Tour Tickets

Hard Rock and Metal Tickets

Rhythm & Blues or Soul Tickets

Theater Event Tickets

If you like going to the theater you can find a lot of choices.

You can find tickets for all these events.

Sporting Events

Las Vegas Events

You can get tickets for Las Vegas shows before you get there. This way you can’t blow that money in a casino.

Vegas has tons and tons of shows to go to if you’re going there check them out before hand you might find your favorite entertainer is booked for the same time you’re going to be there.

Las Vegas Tickets

Other Events

Here is a search box to take care of miscellaneous events that may be happening. This might have some of the Vegas events in it too.