E Flat Minor Scales

E flat minor scales are related to the G flat major scale. This is a hard key to read music in if you aren’t a good reader. It has 6 out of 7 notes flatted.

The sharp version isn’t much easier to read, D sharp is equal to this scale in pitch but written different. This has 6 out of 7 notes sharpened.

Flatting the 3rd of the E flat major scale results in an E flat melodic minor scale.

Chords in the E Flat Melodic Minor Scale

E Flat Harmonic Minor Scale

This is written in the G flat key that’s why you see the natural sign next to notes. This symbol is called a natural and changes the note from what it calls for in the key signature.

Lower the 3rd and 6th note of any major scale to make it a harmonic scale

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