Discover the Locrian sharp 2 Mode

The Locrian sharp 2 mode comes from the 6th note of the melodic minor scale.

Remember the melodic minor scale is a major scale with a flatted 3rd.

This mode isn’t limited to the minor flat 5 chord because this chord has other names it goes under.

The minor 7♯5 chord can also be called a minor 6th with a different root and a 9th chord without a root.

Here is an example the Am7♭5 can also be called the C minor 6th and the F9 no root.

All of these chords contain the same notes so you can substitute any one for the other.

This sample I’ll play the Locrian sharp 2 mode against an Am♭5 chord.



Windows Media

The A Locrian sharp two played against an A minor 7th flat 5 chord

I targeted the flatted fifth note because that’s what gives it its overall sound quality.

The Locrian ♯2 List

The Locrian ♯2 Formula

This one goes 1-2-♭3-4-♭5-♭6-♭7 as compared to the major scale.

This one would be easier to remember as a natural minor with a flatted 5th

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