Discover Minor 6th Chords

You see minor 6th chords in minor chord drop progressions where the bass note drops one semitone at a time.

These chords can be found in all types of music. This chord has two other names it can go by too. This is another chord with plurality. This is when a cord has 2 or more names.

It can also be called a minor 7th flat 5 and a 9th chord without a root.

Chords can be used without a root especially if there is a bass player, they are a little harder to keep track of unless you know some chord music theory

One note that is almost always in a chord is the 3rd, try keeping track of chords without roots that way.

Chord Origins

The minor 6th chord can built from the second note of the major scale. It can also be built from the minor scales.

Here are some Dm6 chord diagrams.

All of these chords are movable and they all have 3 names, so you have a lot of chords to add to your chord book.

Only the ii Chord

You can’t build this chord from the other two minor chords in the major scale.

For E minor the 6th would have to be a C sharp not a C and for the A minor chord the 6th would have to be an F sharp not an F.

Melodic Minor Scale

They can also be built from the 1st two notes of the melodic minor scale.

These chords aren’t played for long periods, they are usually part of a drop progression.

Don’t forget these chords have two other names. A Dm6 can be a G9 without a root(G) or a Bm7♭5.

Here’s a link to the melodic minor scale section if you want to check these scales out.

Melodic Minor Scale

Harmonic Minor Scale

They can be built from the 4th note of the Harmonic minor scale too.

Now you know if you see one of these chords your in the major scale, Melodic scale or the Harmonic scale.

Here’s a link to the Harmonic scale page.

Harmonic Minor Scale

Minor 6th Chords – Other Names

If you don’t understand chord construction check out these other pages and come back. They will open in a new window so you can go back and forth to get a better understanding.

Music Intervals
Chord Triads

The formula for making this chord from the major scale is

1-2-3-4-5-6-7 These represent a major scale in numbers


Don’t confuse this with where the chord comes from. This is a way of making any chord from a major scale.

I hope you found this page useful.

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