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Indie music is what we call the music and artists that aren’t connected to the big record companies. The little guy.

This means that they don’t get the exposure to the public that artists connected to them get. So they are harder to find out about.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t as good as those connected to the big dogs.

They either weren’t in the right place at the right time or they choose not to be controlled by a corporation.

A lot of artists that make it to the top buy out their contracts for this reason.

Indie Music Site – About

I found a great site for guitar players, other musicians, singers and listeners.

Since 1996, Indie-Music has been a rock solid member of the independent music community.

They feature the best new music through our Choice Cuts Selections and prestigious Annual Top 25 Awards.

They find true talent the old fashioned way by listening to it and featuring the best for your listening pleasure.

Finding New Music

The site contains thousands of artists, streaming audio, radio stations, charts, reviews, features, an online monthly magazine and music industry directory.

Upload Your Own Song

Do you have a song you wrote going nowhere. Get your music to the people

People may love it or hate it but you will never know if you don’t try.

Listeners and Musicians is the site for independent musicians and music lovers.

Check out Indie-Music for music, news, reviews and articles about artists you like.

They have a bi-monthly newsletter with news about artists and music news. A good newletter it’s not crammed with ads.

Pre Internet Start-up

Indie Music didn’t start out as a company. They started back in the 80’s as musicians, recording engineers, small record label owners and music industry article writers.

Indie-Music founder Suzanne Glass discovered the Internet in 1995 and starting using it as a research tool for her own music.

Independant Music – More Each Day

As musicians found Indie-Music, a collection of inde bands, independant record labels, private studios, and new venues were added to the site.

New artists are discovered every day, you can listen to them on line and see if you like their music.

5 Pages to 1000’s

From just 5 pages in 1996 to thousands of pages today, the site has grown into a resource for both musicians and listeners.

The site now features thousands of artists with streaming audio, monthly and annual awards, reviews, news, and lots more.

Check it Out

It’s free to join. Sign-up as an artist or a listener.

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