Discover How to Use the..Melodic Minor Scale Modes

Here is another improvising tool, the melodic minor scale modes. These scales will help you improvise over altered chords.

Scales and modes are your tools for making licks, riffs, melodies or for just plain jamming.

Every scale and mode is also related to a chord or chord type. Some scales work on many chords while others are limited.

Each link will follow the scale below for the 1st 7 notes – 1 whole scale

Melodic Minor Modes

These modes take you into a more Jazz-like style of playing. They are good for altered chords. If you want to play like Al DiMeola you should check these scales out.

You should have a good understanding of the major scales to use these efficiently but don’t be afraid to learn one and play around with it.

You don’t have to be a Jazz player to take advantage of this knowledge. This is one of the ways new forms of music emerge. Investigate and experiment.

You really should check out these modes.

The Melodic Minor Scale

This is the first mode/scale and has been covered in the guitar scales section but I added it to make everything complete.

It can be used to improvise over minor chords and altered dominant chords, check it out

C – Melodic Minor Scale

The Dorian ♭2 Mode

This mode is built from the second note of the melodic scale and can be useful improving over minor 7th chords.

Dorian ♭2 Mode

The Lydian Augmented Mode

Here is a mode for using over flat 5 or sharp 5 or 11th Chords.

Lydian Augmented Mode

The Lydian ♭7 Mode

Here is a mode built from the 4th note of the melodic scale and is good for improvising over dominant chords with or without an altered 5th.

Lydian ♭7 Mode

The Mixolydian ♭6 Mode

This mode is good for dominant chords with a ♯5 in them.

Mixolydian ♭6 Mode

The Locrian ♯2 Mode

This scale can be used over m7♭5, m6 and 9th chords a very useful mode.

Locrian ♯2 Mode

The Super Locrian Mode

This is the king of the melodic minor scale modes. This mode can be used on m7♭5 and dominant chords with any combo of altered 5th’s and 9th’s.

Super Locrian Mode

I hope you found this page useful.