D Sharp Minor Scales

D sharp minor scales are related to the F sharp major scale. This is as hard a key as G flat to read music in if you aren’t a good reader.

This scale has six sharps in it. Playing in different keys isn’t that hard if you remember the scale pattererns on the guitar neck. It’s the key of F up one fret.

D Sharp Natural Minor Scale

You see the double sharps? That’s so I don’t use the same note twice in a scale. You will see these from time to time in sheet music but not very often. A double sharp or flat raises a note a whole tone or two frets.

I tried to use a key signature but it made everything more confusing.

There isn’t a D sharp major scale. I used this to show how to build the minor Melodic and Harmonic scales

Chords in D Sharp Natural Minor Scale

D Sharp Melodic Minor Scale

Flatting the 3rd of the D Sharp(E flat) major scale will give you an D sharp melodic minor scale.

Chords in the D Sharp Melodic Minor Scale

D Sharp Harmonic Minor Scale

Lower the 3rd and 6th note of any major scale to make it a harmonic scale

I hope you found this page useful.