D Minor Scales

D minor scales are related to the F major even though some contain notes not in the F scale. Minor keys are good for sad songs because of their sound

The D natural minor scale shares the same notes as the relative major key of F. This scale is also the D Aeolian mode from the major scale modes

D Natural Minor Scale

Chords in D Natural Minor Scale

D Melodic Minor Scale

To make a melodic minor scale you just flat the 3rd of a major scale.

Chords in D Melodic Minor Scale

D Harmonic Minor Scale

To make a harmonic scale from a major scale you lower the 3rd and 6th note of the major scale

This scale has a Latin music sound.


The D minor harmonic scale

Minor Scale Modes

These scales also have modes like the major scale. They are used for improvising over different chords.

The natural minor scale modes are the same as the major scale modes. The natural scale is called the Aeolian mode.

Major Scale Modes

Harmonic Minor Scale Modes

Melodic Minor Scale Modes

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