C Sharp Minor Scales

C sharp minor scales are relative to the E major scale. This minor key only has 4 sharps in it. They’re getting easier.

Learning these different keys isn’t that hard if you can remember scale pattererns. This one is in the relative key of E major. The minor keys start on the 6th note of the major scale. The notes in the natural minor is the same as its relative major. The Harmonic and Melodic scales are altered.

C Sharp Natural Minor Scale

The C Sharp Major scale really doesn’t get used except for teaching purposes. The music would be easier to read in D flat. This is just to show you an easy way to build these scales from the major scale.

C Sharp Natural Minor Scale Chords

C Sharp Melodic Minor Scale

Flatting the 3rd of the major scale will give you a melodic minor scale.

C Sharp Melodic Minor Scale Chords

The last chord is a G minor 7th flat 5 but I used the double sharp to stay with the scales.

C Sharp Harmonic Minor Scale

Harmonic scales can be made by lowering the 3rd and 6th note of a major scale

I hope you found this page useful.