Building Online BusinessPiece of Cake – Right?

The key to building online business. Create a website and throw in some ads and you got it made Right? Wrong.

What they don’t tell you is everything you need to know about making one web page let alone a whole site.

The reason I put this page up on my guitar site is because this is how I got the site started. I tried other ways and they all failed.

Do you know how to…

  • Create a good website name
  • Register your Domain Name so it works right
  • Find a good web host-this is where your site will live
  • How to upload files to your web host
  • Write html, CSS or javascript – Web browser languages
  • Submit to the search engines – Your site won’t exist unless
  • Get incoming links that will work(no search engine tricks)
  • Write articles that make people want to read more
  • Find ways to make money with a website
  • All without losing a lot of money and your sanity

This is a short list. There are many other aspects of web activities going on behind the scene.

Site Build It – Is The Answer

What is SBI?

Site Build it is a service that guides you through building an online business.

They provide the web hosting, domain registration, search engine pinging and lots more.

If you don’t know what these things are don’t w they will be explained as you go through the Site Build It process.

If You Can Use a Keyboard – You Can Do It. You pick the subject you want to build your business around, something you really like to talk about.

SBI has all the tools and know-how you need to successfully build a website and a web business

They will guide you through building an online business and all you have to know is how to use a word processor like notepad or the Mac equivalent.

If you would like to understand more about the process and how it’s possible for anyone to start an online business check out the link below

No Get Rich Quick Scheme
Building an Online Business

The only thing you have to do is work at it. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s about building an online business for years to come.

You will get a list of the steps to take and if you get stuck at any point there are plenty of people in the forums that have been there to ask for advice.

Check out the different life situations below and see if one fits you.

P.S. It’s Risk Free

All the below links take you to different SBI pages that will help explain how it works for different situations and people

How Much?

Before you read any more you probably want to know what this will cost.

It costs under a dollar a day(around $300.00 per year) which is a good buy considering all the behind the scene things they take care of.

They have a monthly payment too(around $30.00 per month) if you don’t want to put out the whole amount at once.

That includes your domain name and registration, web hosting for the year, e-mail account, 5000 newsletters a month and lots more.

You get guided through any set-up you need like putting a form on your site. There is a large forum with helpful people that have been there and done that in case you get stuck.

Special Services

They provide other services too, let’s say you already have a business but your not on the web. They can build your site for you for an extra charge of course.

They keep their prices very reasonable and they over deliver. In other words you get a lot more than you thought you were getting.

Who Needs SBI?
Building Online Business

Anybody that wants to have a website for profit or pleasure.

What are your interests, what do you do for work or pleasure. You won’t believe some of the topics people are making a living at online. The subjects are endless.

Would you think that you could make a business about Juggling or Apple Pies?

There are an endless number of subjects that people want to know about, maybe you know a lot about one of them.

See all the different types of sites created by SBI users.

Different Strokes – Different Folks

Here are some of the people or situations people are in that use or can use SBI for building online business.

Full Time Mom?
Building Online Business

What you are doing for your children is priceless. But did you know you could make some money and still take care of the kids?

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a little time like while they nap and a little ambition.

You can start a business about anything you like to do, know about or want to know about. The last one requires extra research to learn about the subject.

You can even start one about being a full time mom and how you cope with all the basics of being one. This makes you an expert in the field because you’re doing it now.

Work From Home

You don’t have to be a mother to work from home. If you only need an office to run your business why not do it from home. No traffic or weather problems.

If you have a physical problem that makes getting around tough then this is good way to work.

Don’t have a business? You can start one online while you work your regular job at your own pace.

You can start a business that’s about what you like to do or your expertise on a subject or anything else that you are interested in.

Retired or Planning on?
Building Online Business

Do you have enough money to retire?

How many of us can say yes to that question?

Are you depending on the company you work for?. Companies are down-sizing, another way of saying they are getting rid of jobs, probably yours. You are at their mercy especially if you have a lot of years invested in the company. You are just a number to most companies, like a part on a car that can be replaced anytime it’s not working efficiently.

What type of work do you do or did you do? Find out how to turn that knowledge into income.

Are You an Expert?
Building Online Business

Whatever you do there other people that want to know how you do it and are willing to pay for this knowledge.

Learn how to make your knowledge sell. Just about any subject people want to know about is a good subject.

Collecting stamps, mountain climbing, taking care of kids, people want your knowledge.

Find out if people want to learn about your expert advice. Do a search on the internet on your subject. Did you get a lot of pages returned. If yes then this may be the start of your new online business as long as you can monetize on it.

Do You have a Favorite Passion?
Building Online Business

Do you have a passion about something. It can be almost any subject as long as others share a passion about it too.

It can be about collecting dolls, a particular food, baseball cards or a sport like scuba diving or sky diving.

Being passionate about your subject will make writing about it that much easier and less like work. Do you bore people talking about it? That’s a good sign because you have the whole world to find other people that won’t find it boring. Your future site visitors and customers

Local Business Owner?
Building Online Business

Do you have a local business. You can increase the number of customers that come to your place of business by having a website.

Depending on what goods or services you offer you may also be able to start shipping your product out of the normal range of your business

You can also offer specials and sales for much less money than your local newspaper to increase sales. You will also reach people that didn’t know your place existed.

Websites can be aimed for your area plus the rest of the world. It’s a great way to expand your business at a low cost.

Building Online Business

Are you a Doubting Thomas?

If you read all the way down to here you must have a slight interest in what SBI can do for you and your family

This page below will take you where you can see all the proof that SBI works if you do too. There are a lot of successful web business’s on the internet created with the help of SBI.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will have to do some learning and research but there is plenty of help through tools and forums.

Are you ready to see what is possible?

Questions? Ask Away
Building Online Business

You might want to know how it works. The CTPM process.

How much it will cost? It less than a dollar a day for a huge amount of service.

How long will it take to build your business? This depends on a lot of different factors. The more popular your subject means more competition which means more time getting your pages to rank high in web results.

How do you write articles for your site? You don’t have to be Stephen King to write web articles.

If you have any other questions just click on the image below.

Try SBI – Number One for Building an Online Business and we can prove it.

Thanks for Visiting Our Building Online Business Page. Give SBI a look-see. It’s free to window shop.

I hope you found this page useful.