Browser Problems

I come across browser problems now and then but this one affects the visitors of my site.

This is where I will put what I know to make your visit more enjoyable

Firefox – MouseOver Pop-up

This one is about Firefox and mouseovers not working.

A mouseover is when you place your mouse over a link or a header and a small text block will appear giving you extra info.

This effects all sites that use this mouseover technique. You could be missing out on some extra info.

P.S. You must have your pop-up blocker set to accept pop-ups from our site, they are not ad pop-ups they are info balloons

These little pop-ups only happen when you place your mouse over these areas and it gives you some extra info about the article or link.

You can set your pop-up blocker to accept pop-ups from sites you trust and I hope that will include us.

The Fix

The problem causing this is the Google toolbar for Firefox.

If you disable this in the add-ons section it will fix it.

I will post a fix for it when Google or Firefox finds one/

Other Browsers

This may effect other browsers using the same basic search engine.

The fix should be the same

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