Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

Blues guitar backing tracks are essential for getting a feel for all the blues styles. You have to practice over different types of blues progressions and rhythms to get good. You can’t always get people together for a jam session so having an alternative source is a good idea.

The blues is more than just a 12 bar 3 chord progression. You can substitute chords in the 3 chord format so you can’t recognize it as a 12 bar blues tune anymore.

There are also area specific Blues like Texas Blues and Chicago Blues, Delta Blues and on.

There are other chord progressions like Stormy Monday and Somebody Loan me a Dime

A blend of different blues guitar backing tracks are essential for developing a feel for the blues in all its different styles.

Blues Music Styles

Blues music has transformed to other Blues styles in different areas of the U.S.

Some styles use the basic 3 chord Blues progressions while others add and replace these chords making new progressions. It’s good to know all the basic variations of these progressions.

There is also a British Blues style that developed during the 60’s British Music Invasion. The Yardbirds is a good example of this style blues. The Yardbirds had several top guitarist come from it Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck are two of them.

You need to know the chord changes to play good solo guitar.

Practice Tracks

Blues backing tracks are a good way to get your chord changes and solos into shape.

These tracks are also good for practicing rhythm guitar. In fact rhythm guitar is what you should know fairly well before going to lead guitar. The notes in the chords are what you need to know for lead guitar.

Most guitar players needs to practice with a band but how are you going to get a drummer, bass and keyboard player together so you can practice your chops?

The answer is your not, so do the next best thing and get backing tracks to practice with. They won’t argue with you and you can play the tracks you want to practice.

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