Beginner Guitar SongsNice and Easy

Here are a couple beginner guitar songs. It doesn’t get much easier than this. This first songs chords can be played with two fingers.

Playing Chords

One thing I want to point out when playing chords, your thumb should be in the center of the back of the guitar neck on most chords.

You might have to keep reminding yourself to be aware of this, I always had to and still do when a chord doesn’t sound good.

If you let your thumb come up to the top of the neck your fingers will lay down and mute strings you want ringing out.

There are some chords where this doesn’t apply, some chords call for you playing a bass note with your thumb. This is mostly in a fingerpicking style.

For right now though depending on the chord shape try to keep your thumb in the middle of the neck.

Song Chords

Here are the chords for the first two songs

With the Em6 chord you might want to mute the 6th string on this song.

Eleanor Rigby

This is a Beatles song the words and music written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Here is a link for the Revolver CD in case you want to add it to your collection. This is where the song is. You can’t download individual Beatle songs for some reason.

The Beatles Revolver CD
The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby Tab

These songs have uncomplicated chords other song chord names may sound complicated if you’re new to guitar but, they can be easy to play. They just have complicated names that may confuse you. Check out our reading chords.

When playing guitar songs in the beginning don’t worry about playing in time until you can switch chords without any mistakes. This should apply even after you can play some.

When playing a song you have to think ahead a little bit so you are ready to change, the music won’t wait for you.

C Em
Ah look at all the lone-ly peo-ple C Em
Ah look at all the lone-ly peo-ple Verse 1
Em E-lea-nor Rig-by picks up the rice in the church C where the wed-ding has been lives in a dream Em
Waits in the win-dow wear-ing the face that she keeps C Em
in a jar by the door Who is it for? Chorus 1
Em7 Em6 C Em
All the lone-ly peo-ple where do they all come from? Em7 Em6 C Em
All the lone-ly peo-ple where do they all come from? Verse 2
Same chords as verse 1 Chorus 2
Same as Chorus 1 Verse 3
Same chords as Verse 1 Chorus and End
Same as chorus 1
End like you want to. Be creative.

Just the Basic Chords

This is one of the easier beginner guitar songs because you aren’t trying to make it sound like the recording.

This is the basics of the song. All songs can be reduced to the bare elements for learning.

As you get better at chord changing and other aspects of playing you can make songs a little fancier by adding in between chords or notes like a 7th that lead into a chord change.

It’s the orchestra that gives this song its complex sound

You will play this differently than the recording. The string section in the song is choppy, you want to play it smoothly and slower than the recording, like a laid back love song.

Jambalaya(On the Bayou)

Here’s a song written by Hank Williams. He wrote a lot of good country songs in his day.

This song is also know as On the Bayou. Jambalaya is a Louisiana Stew made with meat, vegetables and seafood. It also has the Cajun spices of course.

This is a classic country song that all guitar players should know. A good song for everyone to improvise on.

This song sounds to me like it was written to have a fiddle and a banjo in it.

Here’s a link for an mp3 download of this song in case you want to add it to your collection or listen to it.

This tab version isn’t Hank Williams version but the music is the same for learning the song.

Hank Williams Jambalaya mp3
Hank Williams – Jambalaya (On the Bayou) Tab

Many country songs are good beginner guitar songs because the chords are usually basic major and minor ones.

A pi-rouge in the song below is a small boat that was pushed about with a pole much like you would a raft.

More Beginner Guitar songs

NC = No Chord
Verse 1
Good bye Joe me got to go me oh my oh C
Me got to go pole the pi-rouge down the bay-ou G7
My Y-vonne the sweet-est one me oh my oh C
Son of a Gun we'll have big fun on the Bay-ou Chorus 1
C G7
Jam-ba-la-ya and a craw-fish pie and fil-let gum-bo C
Cause to-night I'm gon-na see my cher a mi o G7
Pick gui-tar fill fruit jar and be gay-o C
Son of a gun we'll have big fun on the Bay-ou Verse 2 G7
Thi-bo daux Fon tain eaux the place is buzz-in C
Kin folk come to-see Y vonne by the doz-en G7
Dress in style and go hog wild me oh my oh C
Son of a gun we'll have big fun on the Bay-ou Chorus 2
Same as Chorus 1 End when you want 

The French pronounce words with eaux in them as an oh like bow or although. This song is about Louisiana where a lot of French people settled when they moved to America.

Where I have the Chord symbols is close but they may not be exactly where you change chords. Listen to the song and go by your ear.

All the other verses and choruses use the same chords in case I missed one.

This is one of the better beginner guitar songs for improvising on fiddle, banjo, guitar and other Creole instruments like a concertina which is a small accordian.

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