Beginner Guitar LessonsThe Stepping Stones

No matter what age you are taking some beginner guitar lessons will get you starting to play the guitar faster and have fun doing it.

To learn guitar you have to learn a little about most aspects of playing guitar, just enough to get started. You will pick up most of it as you go, it doesn’t take a long time or a natural talent. Anyone can learn to play guitar.

Get a Teacher
Beginner Guitar Lessons

My advice to anyone just learning is to find a good music store near your home to take beginner guitar lessons from. Although you can learn a lot online it is best to start out with a teacher.

Private or even group lessons are fine. The main thing is you have someone to talk to and clear up any misunderstandings in the beginning.

Talk to Other Guitar Players

Find out who else plays guitar in your neighborhood or school and where they go for lessons. Word travels fast in a school or workplace.

You want a good teacher, not one who just shows you cool stuff to play but also teaches you the basics of music.

When you have learned some of these basics you will be able to apply it to just about any piece of music you want to.

If the teacher has you playing music you never heard before then you probably have a good teacher. There are reasons for using material not heard on the radio every day that help your playing.

Teaching Yourself

This is a bad idea if you never played before. After you have down some basics go ahead and explore while you are still taking lessons.

If you are determined you can learn on your own then check out the site below to get your basics down and more. You must have some self discipline and apply yourself on a regular schedule. If you just do it randomly without a plan you will get aggravated and lose your interest.

You need to know the basics of music which is why I’m saying to get a teacher. If you go to school you may be able to learn music basics for free.

Beginner Lessons

We all need beginner guitar lessons to help develop good practice and playing habits and not bad ones. A good habit is much easier to develop than a bad habit is to break.

One good playing habit is paying attention to the music so you’re ready to change chords

Sitting or standing and holding the guitar right so you aren’t limiting your playing.

Bad Playing Habits Last

A bad habit can take a very long time to break, depending on how long you have been doing it wrong.

If you’ve been playing for a little bit you may have a bad habit or two, they just sneak in there.

Wrong is probably not the best word to describe what you may or may not be doing. This may have been how you learned, let’s just say that there are better more efficient ways that will increase your playing potential.

Spotting Bad Habits

Pay attention to your body and what it’s doing as you play. You may see you are moving a finger too soon that’s causing you to mess up that scale exercise every time.

You might not have the timing of a chord change right. Work on your mistakes not what you can play right unless you’re trying to develop speed.

Correct Practice for Guitar

Here is a book that will help you learn the correct way to learn guitar and get rid of bad habits you may already have. Take your time and work your way through this book until you know it by heart.

The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar
Perfect Start for Beginners-Answer to the Problems of Players

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Intervals – Beginner Guitar Lessons

An interval is the distance between 2 notes. These are the basics. Learning about these will help you understand how scales and chords are made. will also make your learning journey easier

Intervals – Beginner Guitar Lessons

Guitar Scales

A scale is a designated group of notes that music is written in. Scales give the music a basis so we can communicate with other musicians.

The major scales are the basis for most music you hear today. The pentatonic scales are popular in today’s music and a must for beginner guitar lessons but they are just a part of the major scale as you will learn

Beginner guitar lessons will help you understand the scales not just memorize them.

Major Scale Primer

Here is a C Scale with Tab and a Chord Diagram

Tablature or Tab

Tablature is a way of writing music without using notes. It shows 6 lines very much like music notation but it uses numbers to tell you what fret. In other words the line on the bottom is the low E string and the line on the top is the high E string.

Tablature can also be used to show chords and is liked very much by finger-pickers making it easier to see the pattern if any.

This is a good system for getting started while you learn to read music notation if you want to. Learning to read music has a lot of advantages and it’s not that hard. It’s definitely worth the effort.

Simple Guitar Tab

Chord Diagrams

Chord Diagrams are blocks showing where to place fingers on guitar neck for a chord. They look like the guitar neck. These are pretty much all the same any where you come across them.

The low E string is on the left and if there is a number on the side of it, that number is the fret number. Most guitars have fretboard dots on the 3rd, 5th, 7th,9th and 12th frets to help you keep track.

Check out some simple chord diagrams

Chords for Beginner Guitarist’s

A chord is 3 or more notes played at the same time. The notes of a chord can also be picked with your fingers in a pattern to supply a background for singer. There are a lot of chord types but if you learn the basic triads – 3 note chords – and some 1st position chords you will have a much easier time with the others

Learn your chord triads here.

Guitar Fretboard

Learning the notes on the guitar fretboard will speed up your learning because you won’t have to learn two things at the same time, the music and where you can play it.

Learn the Guitar Fretboard

Guitar Practice

How you practice can make the difference of being able to play things right without spending hours repeating the same thing over and over.

Good form takes a little time and effort but it will actually speed up your guitar learning progress. You must be aware of how you position your body and the guitar. In a short time it will become second nature to you.

The guitar is played with your whole upper body. To move your little finger a small electric signal goes to your hand muscles, to your forearm muscles, to your upper arm muscles, to your shoulder muscles and finally to the brain and back down again. All this is done without you thinking you just move your finger.

Relax Your Muscles

By examining your whole body as you play guitar you will find tension in certain areas that you must relax. Tension occurs a lot in the shoulders because all of your arm movement comes from there. But it can happen anywhere like your stomach if you are about to play in front of people, try and relax as much as possible.

Close your eyes and take a long slow breath in and out. This will usually get you started to relaxing.

Learn about Guitar Practice

Metronomes – Tempo

Tempo is the speed music is played. It will tell you this at the top of some sheet music.

In regular sheet music you will see words that tell you about the song. The terms are in Italian like allegro means fast or largo means slow. They can also express the mood of the music along with the tempo of the music. You may also see other terms like swing describing a type of feel to the music, more on these terms later.

See how to use a metronome. A metronome will speed up your learning progress and perfect your timing

Using A Metronome

Guitar Ear Training

This is a very important aspect of playing guitar or any musical instrument that gets put on the back burner.

Learning to play what you hear is even more important than reading music. This is how to learn the leads and all those other goodies they don’t put in sheet music.

Check out the page below to start your ear training.

Ear Training

Learning Octaves

Octaves are notes that have the same name but 8 notes higher. Learning all your octaves makes learning the scale notes on the fretboard easier.

These are good to know even if you don’t want to play Jazz. This is a good place to start learning the fretboard and scale.

Learning Guitar Octaves

Learning Scales

Scales are where all the melodies and chords come from. Learning all your major scales makes learning other things much easier.

Learn how software can make learning scales easier.

Learning Guitar Scales

Here is a link to a beginner lesson.

Beginner Video Lessons

Learning Music Basics

Learn about the structure of music not just things that might sound cool to you. I’m talking about basic music theory like learning scales, chord structure and more. These are necessary if you want to be any good at improvising or learning songs or licks by ear. You will know where the notes or chords are coming from even if the person that wrote the song didn’t.

Get a Real Teacher

Getting a real teacher not a friend or someone you know, not that you can’t learn from these people but a real teacher is very important in the beginning to establish a good musical foundation.

Beginner guitar lessons from a good teacher will enable you to understand a lot more from other players and what you find on the internet. You will learn the keys and how to transpose songs or licks into other keys in seconds not hours.

Learn a Little at a Time

I don’t want to cram your brain with too much at one time. If you don’t understand everything that’s okay. I’ll be adding pages for all of things above and describe them better for all you future guitarists.

Learn a little bit each day or when you can. Make sure you understand what you learned. You don’t have to be able to play it perfectly just understand it completely for things that follow.

Keep on Truckin’

Sometimes it will seem impossible to learn everything. We all have bad days no matter what we are doing. Keep on Truckin’. You get out what you put in.

Practice smart, learn your scales, chords and theory and you will learn songs faster and easier.

Sheet music or tab doesn’t always give you everything you need to play a song. Those little riffs that make a song what it is are missing from the written version a lot of the time.

You will have to learn some things from the recording, in other words by ear. The more you know about music the easier it is. This is an essential skill you must learn

Have Fun Learning Guitar

Having fun is what it’s about. You can learn and have fun at the same time. There is no law against it. Don’t struggle to learn something, let it come naturally. Enjoying what you do is half the battle, it makes all this learning a lot easier and not like work.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be serious about learning guitar but don’t let it possess you.

If you are having trouble learning something it usually means that you are not ready to learn that particular thing yet. You need to learn something else or several other things before it is clear to you.

Thanks for Reading Our Beginner Guitar Lessons Page.

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