Beginner Blues Guitar

Beginner blues guitar is where everybody starts. Do you think Eric Clapton started off playing complex licks and chords?

To start playing Blues guitar you need to know some basic chords, Pentatonic and Blues scales.

There are two other modes used also the Dorian and the Mixolydian but you might already know these. They come from the major scales.

Most chords are barre chords except when playing an acoustic styles blues where you combine open position and barre chords.

Basic Blues Guitar Chords

Here are the 3 chords you would use in the key of C

Blues chords are usually dominant 7th or 9th chords. Minor 7th chords are also used as substitute chords in progressions having more than the 3 basic major chors.

Ninth chords are often used to replace the standard 7th chords in blues and you can usually interchange them as long as it doesn’t effect the feel of the song. Sometime a dominant 9th is the only chord that will sound right.

Beginner Blues Guitar – The Scales

The Major Scale

This will help you relate to these other two scales. This is where the C major and A minor Pentatonic scales come from.

The Pentatonic Scales

The Pentatonic scale is just one note shy of the Blues scale.

The Blues Scales

The major blues scale adds a note between the 2nd and 3rd note of the major pentatonic scale. This note is a flatted 3rd

The minor blues scale adds a note between the 3rd and 4th note of the minor pentatonic scale. This note is a flatted 5th

Beginner Blues Progression

Here is a sample of the basic 3 chord 12 bar blues progression. This progression is used in thousands of blues songs. The same basic progression is also used in a lot of Rock and Country songs too.

Beginner Blues Video

I have a video for you from one of my associates in the guitar learning business. This video is about the Blues but they have a lot of other categories too.

Hawkeye Herman: Introduction to Blues

Hawkeye Herman introduces the blues. He explains the 12 bar blues chords and the format that blues lyrics follow. Just click on the link below and it will open a new window for you at Jamplay to view the video.

Blues Guitar

I hope you found this page useful.