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An introduction to the site

Hello my name is Bob and this page is about learn guitar asap. Here is a short story about what got me to make a website. Learning guitar is easy compared to this.

I’ve been playing since 1964 and have learned a lot of things about guitar over the years and since I’ve always been told you can’t take it with you I thought I would share my knowledge with anyone who wants to listen.

The British Invasion

I started playing guitar along with some friends in 1963-64 a short time after the Beatles hit the USA. This was the new British Invasion for the U.S. People were taking up musical instruments left and right, I guess the same things happened with Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.Skiffle music was the term they used in England for the beat of the music. Band competition was a popular pastime for the young teens.

This competition is what got The Beatles writing their own music. By the time the Beatles got up to play a song for the competition it had already been played so they started writing their own songs.

The Beatles were the first to be on the Ed Sullivan show in the U.S. followed by the Rolling Stones, The Kinks and thousands of others. It was truly a great time for music, everyone was unique, not according to the parents though. The bands were endless, they wrote songs about every topic imaginable.

Beginning Lessons
About Learn Guitar asap

I didn’t have a guitar when I started lessons. The store rented guitars for taking lessons. I didn’t understand it at the time but it was a good idea for the parents in case you quit taking lessons. No guitar to try and sell.

Remember this was a time before the internet, cell phones or digital anything.

However despite there was none of what we take for granted today this was when the Classic Rock Music was born.

The guitar brand was a Kay that had F holes instead of a round hole in the middle. It was hard to play after all it was a stock guitar that wasn’t adjusted for anyone’s playing.

It was definitely a finger muscle builder.

This guitar was bought after I stayed with it. The store owner gave a good discount because you had rented it and were taking lessons there. It got adjusted for playing after that.

I wound up giving it to a friend when I got a new one.

Guitars I Use
About Learn Guitar asap

I have an Ibanez acoustic that I play most of the time. This is my second Ibanez acoustic. I stayed with Ibanez because my first one is almost 40 years old and has been through hell and back and still sounds as good as an inexpensive ($50.00 second hand) guitar can.

I also have a 66 telecaster that I bought in Philadelphia’s 8th Street Music, the place is still there. I used to take a bus over there with a friend so I could put some money down on it, layaway plan. It took about a year to pay it off, I was only sixteen. This ones had had some surgery too.

Another guitar I have is a 66 Gibson 335, semi-hollow. It’s like the one George Harrison used to play.

I just expanded my guitar playing to a bass guitar. I picked it up new on Ebay cheap. I had to put it together and paint it but it’s not bad for about 60 bucks before the paint and strings. I didn’t know bass strings were around 30 bucks a set, because they are so thick.

The frets are a lot farther apart on a bass, remember that the bass guitar is tuned the same as a regular guitar just lower, so you can also learn about the bass. It’s just played different, listen to just a bass player like Paul McCartney in a song to hear what they’re doing.

Listening to the bass guitar in songs will help you hear the chord changes better.

Guitar Photos

My First Electric Guitar
About Learn Guitar asap

The first electric guitar I owned I bought at a store called E.J. Korvettes, now out of business. It was an Egmond. It had 3 pickups and the neck wasn’t bad for an unknown brand at the time. I just thought about that guitar I wonder if they are worth anything? Probably, I threw it out.

Guitar Amps
About Learn Guitar asap

I have a 66 Fender Bassman amp that I bought in the 70’s, all tube construction, with twin 15 inch speakers, it has a nice presence to it, no reverb or anything just straight sound.

I didn’t know it at the time but George Harrison used one of these with 12 inch speakers in the Beatles later years.

I also have a small Crate amp with a bunch of digital effects, nice little amp although the settings confuse me sometimes.

Keep Those Old Guitars
About Learn Guitar asap

Keep your starter guitars, they are good for setting up in open tunings for slide guitar or experimenting with. This lets you try something new and still have your other guitar like you normally use it.

The Ibanez I mentioned above has undergone many changes including making it a cut-away with a razor knife. I also tried a brass nut and set it up for slide for a while, I’m not done with it yet.

Guitar Lessons
About Learn Guitar asap

I took lessons for a few years from a local music store. This gave me enough knowledge to be able to learn on my own. You are never done learning music, there is always a new technique, style or direction you can go. Music is a living entity always changing. It’s a never ending great journey.

Recording Session
About Learn Guitar asap

I had the opportunity to record with a group when I was seventeen. This was in a recording studio in Philadelphia, a real studio, Cameo-Parkway I think it was called. The recording never went anywhere but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

Now everything is digital and you can use your computer. Crazy how time changes things.

Learning Music – Lasts a Lifetime

I have remained passionate about learning guitar and music for over 40 years and I have a lot to share with you about all styles of guitar playing. Music theory can be applied to any musical instrument, it’s the different techniques that you use that apply to your instrument.

Blusey Sounds
About Learn Guitar asap

I tend to lean towards the blues for some reason, I guess it’s because this is where rock and roll has some of it’s roots. It also has roots in country music.

Many of the groups from the 60’s were influenced by the blues. The Rolling Stones at the top of the list for groups and many top guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and many more not so famous. I not forgetting Stevie Ray Vaughn he came along later because he was younger.

The list of great blues guitar players is endless. They were all influenced from the older black blues guitarists like Robert Johnson, BB King and many others.

Acoustic Guitar
About Learn Guitar asap

I enjoy playing both acoustic and electric. The acoustic I like for finger-picking and strumming chords. One of the groups that I liked for acoustic playing from the 60’s was Buffalo Springfield. This group had some great musicians.

Electric Guitar
About Learn Guitar asap

One of my early influences on electric was John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. This group was a stepping stone for some great guitar player like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck the Yardbirds were another group like this.

I like the electric because you can get notes to last a long time for a really bluesy sound, and it’s really easy to play especially if you play the acoustic most of the time. An acoustic guitar will increase your speed on the electric.

Thank You
About Learn Guitar asap

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