A Minor Melodic Scale

The A minor melodic scale is a relative of the A and C major scales. The only difference between the two is a flatted 3rd for the melodic minor. This is the Tonic minor for A major. The C scale is it’s relative minor although it has two notes not in the C scale, F sharp and G sharp

Below is the A major scale. If you lower the 3rd you have the a melodic scale.

A Major Chords

There is a chord built from every scale note in the major and minor keys. Here are the chords for A major.

Most chords are made by selecting every other note, so if you start with A you get A C♯ and E which is an A major chord.

Triads – Three Note chords

  • A – A major chord
  • B – B minor chord
  • C♯ – C♯ minor chord
  • D – D major chord
  • E – E major chord
  • F♯ – F♯ minor chord
  • G♯ – G♯ diminished chord

Four Note chords

  • A – Amaj7 chord
  • B – Bm7 chord
  • C♯ – C♯m7 chord
  • D – Dmaj7 chord
  • E – E7 dominant 7th chord
  • F♯ – F♯m7 chord
  • G♯ – G♯m7 flat5

A Melodic Minor

The chord building is the same for the minor scale but we end up with different chords

Triads – Three Note chords

  • A – A minor chord
  • B – B minor chord
  • C – C augmented chord
  • D – D major chord
  • E – E major chord
  • F♯ – F♯ diminished
  • G♯ – G♯ diminished

Four Note chords

  • A – Amin-maj7 chord
  • B – Bm7 chord
  • C – Cmaj7augmented chord
  • D – D7 chord
  • E – E7 chord
  • F♯ – F♯m7 flat 5 chord
  • G♯ – G♯m7 flat5 chord

I hope you found this page useful.