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Social media also let you tailor the Web to suit the way you prefer to use it. Some of the ways you can tailor it include…

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Sixth Chords = Minor 7th

Sixth chords are a common chord used in all styles of music. It has an alias too, it is also known as a minor 7th.

The difference is where the bass note for the chord is.

If you see a C6 in sheet music it means they want a C6 like C-E-G-A not an A-C-E-G like a minor 7th.

If you are playing rhythm guitar with a lot of other instruments it’s not as important because it won’t get noticed anyway.

Although in theory these chords are the same they have different sounds due to the order of the notes.

Chord Theory – Guitar

These chords are used a lot by keyboard players because the note is so close to the 5th. It’s a major second away.

Due to the way the guitar is tuned major 2nd’s are hard to put in a movable chord that’s easy to play.

Guitars are tuned in 4ths except for the 3rd to the 2nd which is a major third.

Also remember minor 7th’s that are also C6th’s when you are looking for a chord form to use and the best one for that song.

Chord Theory Refresher

Here is the C scale and its numbers.

Remember we usually make chords from every other note in the scale.

This chord is made by adding an adjacent(next to) note. There’s always exceptions to the rule.

The 6th chord is a 4 note chord.

It’s made 1-3-5-6

It’s made C-E-G-A

Here are some C sixth chords

Fingertip Chords

The first chord you need to have your thumb in the middle of the neck and your fingers should be on their very tips. The middle finger should lean down a bit to mute the 5th string.

To play these chords you need to stretch quite a bit. You might find it easier to start farther up the neck and work your way down.

What makes this chord hard to finger on guitar is the major 2nd interval G to A instead of a 3rd interval

Chords 1 and 2 are only one note different.

Chords 3 and 4 are identical except they are played on different strings.

Even if you can’t play these chords yet knowing about them will help your playing. These notes are in the C major pentatonic and the A minor pentatonic scales.

What the chord really is a

C chord with an A – C-E-G-A

or an

A minor chord with a G – A-C-E-G.

You can find some yourself by knowing the guitar fretboard.

Guitar Fretboard

New Page
Lead Guitar Scales


Guitar Ear Training

Your guitar ear training starts as soon as you start to play guitar. You don’t realize it when you first start playing guitar but your brain is remembering these pitches you play.

As time goes by you learn to recognize chord sounds and progressions simply by repetition. The blues progression is most likely the first one you will recognize when you hear a song using it on the radio or TV.

This progression also shows up in Country and Rock songs too but played with a different rhythm.

Staying in Tune

When you started playing guitar you were learning by ear without paying attention to your tuning.

To play guitar by ear you must train your ears right. You must play in tune all the time. If you don’t your brain will be remembering several different pitches for the same note. Your brain doesn’t know the right pitch from the wrong one it only knows what you teach it.

Stay tuned to concert pitch. This is the standard around the world. It’s usually the A note at 440 hertz.

Here’s a link for more info on tuning and tune up.

About Guitar Tuning

Here is a link where you can tune up and check out the different tuners available.

Tune Up and Guitar Tuners

I use a metronome that has an A note in it for tuning so if your thinking of getting a tuner check out the metronomes, some have tuners in them.

This is a good way to go because you get two tools in one and you should use a metronome. They aren’t just for beginners they can be used to work anything up to speed accurately.


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Perfect Pitch

There are some people born with the gift of perfect pitch. These people can recognize a pitch. They must learn what the pitch is called by studying music and know what the note names are but even not knowing what the notes are called they know the difference.

As for the rest of us we must learn to recognize these pitches through practice.

Jimi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra both had this gift along with a lot of others. That would have been a Duo huh?

Relative Pitch

Relative pitch is what most of us learn although the terms absolute and perfect are also incorrectly used to explain this hearing expertise.

It’s called relative because we need a pitch to start from to determine what the distance from the first pitch is. Ever see a teacher use a pitch pipe to give a choir the first note of the song?

Learning to recognize individual notes is harder than learning to recognize the difference between two notes because you have a starting and ending point.

You will be able to recognize a I to IV chord change but not know what pitch the chords are unless you have the individual notes aurally memorized.

Music intervals is how we recognize the difference in pitch.

Here is a page explaining the music intervals in detail.

Music Intervals

Learning to Recognize Notes

Learning to recognize individual notes takes a lot of practice and you must make sure you are in tune to concert pitch or you will never learn.

People with Perfect pitch can recognize different notes because to these people the notes each have a certain different audible texture to them.

The octave doesn’t matter. All the C notes have this characteristic to them to the people with Perfect pitch.

Memorizing Trick

As you practice learning the individual notes it’s a good idea to give them a second name or characteristic.

It can be a taste or a color like orange or a mood like mad or sad or a fruit/ vegetable name.

Get the idea? Business people use a similar technique to remember clients names by associating something about them with their name as a reminder.

To make it even easier you can use the same letter as the note but you will need some doubles for sharps and flats.

You need 12 of these, one for each note.

Fruit-Vegetable-Herb Note List
Guitar Ear Training

Here is one I made up. With foods you will also think of a smell and a taste to help you remember better. The food starts with the note letter.

C = Cherry

C♯/D♭= Cranberry

D = Dates

D♯/E♭ = Dill

E = Eggplant

F = Figs

F♯G♭ = Fennel

G = Grapefruit

G♯/A♭ = Grapes

A = Apple

A♯/B♭ = Apricot

B = Banana

Dill and Fennel are spices. I couldn’t find 2 fruits or vegetables that began with D and F.

Dill is used for dill pickle spice and Fennel is a spice used in Italian sausage.

When you play a C note think of Cherry or whatever you made your list from. Then do the same with the rest of the notes.

Guitar Ear Training-Testing Yourself

To test yourself you need another person or some software because someone or a program has to play a note and you have to say what it is.

Before computers having another person was the only way to find out if you were learning these pitches. Now a computer program can test you for single notes, intervals, chords, scales and more, plus you don’t have to beg them.

Guitar and Bass Ear Training Software

I use a program that is good for all of these. It will give you years of intensive ear training. Ear training is not an overnight skill it takes a long time but 10-15 minutes a day will do it. You will notice yourself picking things up from songs on the radio just by listening.

This program also works for bass guitar. Check it out for yourself.

Song Learning Software

There are three software programs that I have used and they all work good. They have different looks but they basically do the same thing and are all priced close to each other

They slow down the music but keep the pitch the same. It makes it easier to learn riffs, leads, chords and lyrics you can’t understand.

Song Surgeon




D Minor Scales

D minor scales are related to the F major even though some contain notes not in the F scale. Minor keys are good for sad songs because of their sound

The D natural minor scale shares the same notes as the relative major key of F. This scale is also the D Aeolian mode from the major scale modes

D Natural Minor Scale

Chords in D Natural Minor Scale

D Melodic Minor Scale

To make a melodic minor scale you just flat the 3rd of a major scale.

Chords in D Melodic Minor Scale

D Harmonic Minor Scale

To make a harmonic scale from a major scale you lower the 3rd and 6th note of the major scale

This scale has a Latin music sound.


The D minor harmonic scale

Minor Scale Modes

These scales also have modes like the major scale. They are used for improvising over different chords.

The natural minor scale modes are the same as the major scale modes. The natural scale is called the Aeolian mode.

Major Scale Modes

Harmonic Minor Scale Modes

Melodic Minor Scale Modes

I hope you found this page useful.


Three Chord ProgressionsLearning Guitar Songs

These three chord progressions for guitar will be the basics for hundreds if not thousands of songs.

Most are diatonic. In other words they come from one scale and not two or more scales as songs can sometimes do.

Three Chord Music Styles.

The list of 3 chord hit songs is endless. There are tons of Rock and Blues songs that are 3 chords and a lot of Country songs and lets not forget Folk music where Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) got his start.

Folk music was very popular in the 60’s where a lot of the songs touched on political and social issues. The Byrds was another group that evolved from a Folk music background.

Here is a list of the 3 major chords for each major scale. These will make up all of the 3 chord diatonic progressions.

Major Chords List

In the list above the G♭ scale is equal to the F♯ scale. A G♭ chord is the same as an F♯ chord just written different for the key.

I-IV-V Chord Progressions

Here are some three chord progressions and some songs they are used in.

These are used in the same order as above I-IV-V.

Twist and Shout – Example

This song written by Bert Russell and Phil Medley was first made popular by the Isley Brothers and then The Beatles.

Here is the basic progression and chords.




Windows Media

C F G progression like twist and shout

The single notes are G A B C. The chords are C F and G. The G chord I used is the F form moved up to the 3rd fret.

La Bamba – Example

This song uses the C F and G chords like above and the single notes are chord tones or C scale notes.

This song is a folk song made popular by Ritchie Valens in the late 50’s.

This song is sung completely in Spanish. It’s listed in Rolling Stone magazine at number 345 out of 500 for all time greatest songs of all time.

Here links to an mp3 download and sheet music downloads of this song.

La Bamba – mp3

La Bamba – Sheet Music – Digital Download

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Windows Media

C F G progression like LaBamba

My Best Friends Girl
Three Chord Progressions

This song was written by Ric Ocasek of The Cars.

This song is in F so your chords are F B♭ and C. The break in the song goes from B♭ to C and back a few times and then starts the I-IV-V over again.

The guitar in this song has a really great tone. It’s crisp, that’s the only word I can think of to describe it

My Best friends girl mp3 and sheet music links.




Windows Media

F B-flat C progression like My Best Friends Girl

Three Chord Progressions

This progression just plays the V chord before the IV. This is a common progression in Country and Folk music.

One example of this progression is the Rolling Stones song Dead Flowers.

The song uses the D, A and G in that order. The other changes in the song use the same chords just different timing.

Here’s a link to this Stones song mp3. They didn’t do too many with a taste of country music like this one

The very first chord is the Dsus2 chord. Lift your finger off the 1st string of the D chord. It only lasts two beats in the very beginning of the song.

Dead Flowers

Dead Flowers – mp3

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Dead Flowers – Example



Windows Media

D A G Progression like the Stones Dead Flowers

Another song that uses this progression is Bob Dylans song “Knocking on Heavens Door”

Here’s a link to this song. This song has been done by a lot of different people

Here’s the Chords


More Three Chord Progressions

Knocking on Heavens Door – Example



Windows Media

G D C Progressions like Bob Dylans’ Knocking on Heavens Door

This C chord in this song changes every other time to an Am7 which is a C with an added A note.

Once again these are only two samples. There are many other variations of three chord progressions for guitar.

V-IV-I Three Chord Progressions

This progression is used in a lynrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama”

The chords D C and G in that order are picked more than strummed.

Here’s links to mp3 and sheet music for this all time country rock song

Here are the chord forms used.




Windows Media

D C G Progression like Sweet Home Alabama

The notes in between are played on the 5th and 6th strings on the 5th and 7th frets.

Someone else can play the actual chords along with this or do some lead work like the song.


About Learn Guitar asap

Music Gift Ideas Page or Music Gift Ideas List

An introduction to the site

Hello my name is Bob and this page is about learn guitar asap. Here is a short story about what got me to make a website. Learning guitar is easy compared to this.

I’ve been playing since 1964 and have learned a lot of things about guitar over the years and since I’ve always been told you can’t take it with you I thought I would share my knowledge with anyone who wants to listen.

The British Invasion

I started playing guitar along with some friends in 1963-64 a short time after the Beatles hit the USA. This was the new British Invasion for the U.S. People were taking up musical instruments left and right, I guess the same things happened with Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.Skiffle music was the term they used in England for the beat of the music. Band competition was a popular pastime for the young teens.

This competition is what got The Beatles writing their own music. By the time the Beatles got up to play a song for the competition it had already been played so they started writing their own songs.

The Beatles were the first to be on the Ed Sullivan show in the U.S. followed by the Rolling Stones, The Kinks and thousands of others. It was truly a great time for music, everyone was unique, not according to the parents though. The bands were endless, they wrote songs about every topic imaginable.

Beginning Lessons
About Learn Guitar asap

I didn’t have a guitar when I started lessons. The store rented guitars for taking lessons. I didn’t understand it at the time but it was a good idea for the parents in case you quit taking lessons. No guitar to try and sell.

Remember this was a time before the internet, cell phones or digital anything.

However despite there was none of what we take for granted today this was when the Classic Rock Music was born.

The guitar brand was a Kay that had F holes instead of a round hole in the middle. It was hard to play after all it was a stock guitar that wasn’t adjusted for anyone’s playing.

It was definitely a finger muscle builder.

This guitar was bought after I stayed with it. The store owner gave a good discount because you had rented it and were taking lessons there. It got adjusted for playing after that.

I wound up giving it to a friend when I got a new one.

Guitars I Use
About Learn Guitar asap

I have an Ibanez acoustic that I play most of the time. This is my second Ibanez acoustic. I stayed with Ibanez because my first one is almost 40 years old and has been through hell and back and still sounds as good as an inexpensive ($50.00 second hand) guitar can.

I also have a 66 telecaster that I bought in Philadelphia’s 8th Street Music, the place is still there. I used to take a bus over there with a friend so I could put some money down on it, layaway plan. It took about a year to pay it off, I was only sixteen. This ones had had some surgery too.

Another guitar I have is a 66 Gibson 335, semi-hollow. It’s like the one George Harrison used to play.

I just expanded my guitar playing to a bass guitar. I picked it up new on Ebay cheap. I had to put it together and paint it but it’s not bad for about 60 bucks before the paint and strings. I didn’t know bass strings were around 30 bucks a set, because they are so thick.

The frets are a lot farther apart on a bass, remember that the bass guitar is tuned the same as a regular guitar just lower, so you can also learn about the bass. It’s just played different, listen to just a bass player like Paul McCartney in a song to hear what they’re doing.

Listening to the bass guitar in songs will help you hear the chord changes better.

Guitar Photos

My First Electric Guitar
About Learn Guitar asap

The first electric guitar I owned I bought at a store called E.J. Korvettes, now out of business. It was an Egmond. It had 3 pickups and the neck wasn’t bad for an unknown brand at the time. I just thought about that guitar I wonder if they are worth anything? Probably, I threw it out.

Guitar Amps
About Learn Guitar asap

I have a 66 Fender Bassman amp that I bought in the 70’s, all tube construction, with twin 15 inch speakers, it has a nice presence to it, no reverb or anything just straight sound.

I didn’t know it at the time but George Harrison used one of these with 12 inch speakers in the Beatles later years.

I also have a small Crate amp with a bunch of digital effects, nice little amp although the settings confuse me sometimes.

Keep Those Old Guitars
About Learn Guitar asap

Keep your starter guitars, they are good for setting up in open tunings for slide guitar or experimenting with. This lets you try something new and still have your other guitar like you normally use it.

The Ibanez I mentioned above has undergone many changes including making it a cut-away with a razor knife. I also tried a brass nut and set it up for slide for a while, I’m not done with it yet.

Guitar Lessons
About Learn Guitar asap

I took lessons for a few years from a local music store. This gave me enough knowledge to be able to learn on my own. You are never done learning music, there is always a new technique, style or direction you can go. Music is a living entity always changing. It’s a never ending great journey.

Recording Session
About Learn Guitar asap

I had the opportunity to record with a group when I was seventeen. This was in a recording studio in Philadelphia, a real studio, Cameo-Parkway I think it was called. The recording never went anywhere but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

Now everything is digital and you can use your computer. Crazy how time changes things.

Learning Music – Lasts a Lifetime

I have remained passionate about learning guitar and music for over 40 years and I have a lot to share with you about all styles of guitar playing. Music theory can be applied to any musical instrument, it’s the different techniques that you use that apply to your instrument.

Blusey Sounds
About Learn Guitar asap

I tend to lean towards the blues for some reason, I guess it’s because this is where rock and roll has some of it’s roots. It also has roots in country music.

Many of the groups from the 60’s were influenced by the blues. The Rolling Stones at the top of the list for groups and many top guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and many more not so famous. I not forgetting Stevie Ray Vaughn he came along later because he was younger.

The list of great blues guitar players is endless. They were all influenced from the older black blues guitarists like Robert Johnson, BB King and many others.

Acoustic Guitar
About Learn Guitar asap

I enjoy playing both acoustic and electric. The acoustic I like for finger-picking and strumming chords. One of the groups that I liked for acoustic playing from the 60’s was Buffalo Springfield. This group had some great musicians.

Electric Guitar
About Learn Guitar asap

One of my early influences on electric was John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. This group was a stepping stone for some great guitar player like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck the Yardbirds were another group like this.

I like the electric because you can get notes to last a long time for a really bluesy sound, and it’s really easy to play especially if you play the acoustic most of the time. An acoustic guitar will increase your speed on the electric.

Thank You
About Learn Guitar asap

Thanks for Visiting Our About Learn Guitar asap Page.


Odds and Ends

Odds and ends is where I’m putting all those things that are related to the site in an off-beat kind of way not directly related to the guitar

I Have come across some good sites and products in my travels around the internet and would like to tell you about them. Some save me time and aggravation while others are convenient, informative or just fun to visit.

These are mostly related to music or computer software that keeps my computer working right most of the time and health and eating.

The Check List

I check out all of the sites, products and services before I put them on my site. I either own the product or have used the service or trust the company or site from previous dealings or reputation.

It takes a lot of searching around for good sites and products but you’re worth it, right? I’ve checked all the sites for best prices, service, etc. and these are what I came up with so far. I may change some from time to time.

Sometimes there will be two similar site, that means I like them both and you can choose one or like them both too.

I hope you find this page fun, useful and interesting

Music Stuff – Odds and Ends

Internet Radio

This is a great service. You can listen to music on commercial free radio. No more listening to the same DJ on the way to work in the morning.

You can choose from over 130 channels for music, sports, talk shows and more.

You can listen to NFL football, NASCAR racing and tons of other things. Here’s another page telling you more about it.

Satellite Radio

Amazon mp3 Downloads – Odds and Ends

I haven’t come across a site that lets you download mp3’s better than you can at Amazon without a monthly fee.

Tribute Albums

One thing to look for when you download from here is they have a lot of tribute albums, other people playing your artists songs.

This usually happens with the biggies like the Who or The Beatles.

The Beatles don’t have their music in an mp3 format for some reason. You can only buy their CD’s.

Make sure it’s your artist and not a tribute album that you won’t like.

Download Manager

Another thing is if you are getting incomplete downloads it might be the download manager. The don’t make it easy to get another download without paying either.

Amazon mp3 Downloads Page – Odds and Ends

This link will take you to Amazon’s mp3 download area. Just type in the song or artist you want.

mp3 Downloads

Bookmark it after you get there so you’ll have quick access to it later

Music Concert Tickets – Odds and Ends

Here’s a good site for getting concert tickets, sports and other events near your home.

The home page shows you the current artists or events going on.

You can also search for tickets by the city in case you are taking a trip and some group or individual you like might be in town.

They have little diagrams so you can see where you’ll sit. This is good especially if your familiar with the auditorium or whatever type of building it is.

You can sign up for a weekly newsletter telling you of events in your area.

You can sell tickets also, say you bought tickets for a concert and can’t go and none of your friends wants them you can sell them here.

Music Posters Odds and Ends

Here’s a site I found doing some research for odds and ends for chord posters. It’s all about music posters. I can’t say a lot about this site it’s a visual site, you have to see the posters.

You can find just about any artist or band poster here. Band and artist posters are the only type of posters they carry. They claim to have the largest selection anywhere.

Band Music Posters

Indie Music

Here is a site for listening to new artists that you won’t hear on your radio.

These are independant artists maybe like yourself. Do you have a song you wrote or would like to find a gig for your band.

You can upload your music and get exposure, see what people think of you or your bands music. Here’s another page with a little more info if your interested.

Indie Music

Audio Books

It’s like being a kid again listening to a story.

It is completely different to listen to a book than it is to read one. You can close your eyes and picture the characters easier than when reading.

You can rent or buy. Check out how it works for yourself.

Rent Unlimited Audiobooks from Simply Audiobooks – Learn more.

Computer Stuff – Odds and Ends

Diskeeper – Defragmenting Software

Computers are great when they’re working right and extremely annoying when they aren’t.

One of the tools or software in this case for me is a product called Diskeeper. I’ve been using it for several years.

What it does is defragment your hard drive automatically. If you don’t know what defragmenting is then your computer is probably slow.

Programs open files and leave them anywhere on your hard drive like little kids leaving their toys everywhere.

Defragmenting puts the files that programs open back where they should be so it takes a lot less time for programs to open.

They have a new version of this that stops most of the defragmenting from happening in the first place which will make your computer run even smoother.

Click on the image and check it out it works great.

Undelete – whoops

This product is from the same company as Diskeeper. I never used this product but I trust this company. They’re hard drive data specialists. It’s all they do.

They’re what I call straight-shooters. There are no hidden tricks in their products or services.

So if you emptied your recycle bin with valuable stuff in it. You need this product.

I’ve done it before in a split second they’re gone and you think to yourself you YOU DUMMY. Both Diskeeper and Undelete are reasonably priced.

Check out Undelete by clicking the image below

Computer Batteries – Odds and Ends

I found this site looking for batteries for a power tool and they had them despite the name of the site is Laptops for Less but they seem to specialize in batteries for Laptops

I bought the power tool batteries there and it was fast service, easy ordering and a better price than I could find elsewhere

Check them out for your batteries or laptops. They also have other computer odds and ends.

Laptop Batteries

PC Booster

This product I have had on my computer for a few years. I’m not sure what it does exactly but after I installed it and ran it my computer settled down

I was afraid to click on things because my system was unstable for some reason and things would freeze or do something else weird

This was one of those problems that I couldn’t find a solution to because I didn’t know the right question to ask.

It’s inexpensive software and the company has been around a while.

PC Booster

Printer Ink

I have an Ink Jet printer and I found a good site for ink cartridges. They have re manufactured cartridges and I can’t tell the difference. They installed without a problem what-so-ever

My printer’s an Epson that has 5 cartridges 3 color and two black. I got all 5 for about 41.00 US in September 2009. The shipping was free too and super fast delivery

This will be your ink store from now on. The also have toners and other odds and ends.

Printer Ink

PDF Creator

This is a good product for making PDF’s. If you ever priced Adobe PDF software you’ll know why this is a good deal

If you need to make files that nobody can change on you this is the right product.

All you do is create a document in windows word or other text software and then click on the print option, then change where it will send the document for printing to the PDF creator and it saves the file as a pdf.

You should see it with your printer in the control panel, I’m not sure if it works with Mac’s.

You can set the security so nobody can do anything with it except view it and maybe print

I can’t edit my own PDF’s I have to edit the Word document and do the print thing again.

I use this for the internet but you may have a use for it if you email documents as a attachments or something else and want them secure.

Create PDF’s

Browser Updates

Links open a new window

Here you look for updates or download a new version of the browser you like.

Health and Eating Stuff – Odds and Ends

Losing Weight

I’m getting older and fatter. The older part I can’t do anything about but the fatter part I should be able to control.

I have a very good ebook on losing weight that explains a lot of things that about the body, food and exercise

Even though I’m not following everything as I should what I learned has stuck in my mind and cleared up a lot of misconceptions I’ve had about foods, diets and exercise.

This book has been around for a bit and was written by a professional body builder and educated health instructor.

These guidelines can be used by anyone interested in losing weight. All you have to do is apply yourself, thats the hard part for most of us.

You’ll learn how many calories your specific body needs. You will need to change your eating habits too.

P.S. Could somebody kick me in the butt to get me started, I already have the book.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Herbal Remedies

I am a firm believer that cures for most of our diseases can be found from trees, shrubs and plants. Most medicine made today is based on plants. A lot of heart medicine is derived from the chemicals contained in Hawthorne and Bilberry berries and leaves.

However using herbs on a daily basis may decrease the chances of many diseases. You’ve seen the way the media jumped on the green tea wagon after a medical report said it had more anti-oxidants in it

Green tea is good for your body but so are a lot of other herbs and spices. The spices you add to your food can have some very good effects on your body, for instance Cinnamon helps your body digest sugars at a more even pace preventing spiking which is dangerous for Diabetics

The bottom line is Herbs and Spices do it a little at a time on a daily basis and you don’t need a prescription. The main thing they all do is boost your immune system in various ways.

It’s like exercise it becomes part of your lifestyle not a chore

So you can eat yourself healthy. Spices are naturally low in calories too.

Buyer Beware- Odds and Ends

Buyer beware when looking at herbal products that promise you youth, a full head of hair and so on. Herbs and spices aren’t drugs so the FDA can’t really control them other than the warning label you see on every bottle.

If their claims sound untrue even if you want to believe them don’t buy that product. Stay with the basic vitamins and one item herbs like Ginkgo Biloba, Echinacea and so on. Sometime a dual combo is ok like Zinc usually has vitamin D in it because it helps the body absorb it.

Here is a site where I usually go to where you can learn more about

Herbal Remedies

P.S. Don’t become your own doctor, if your doctor has you taking medicine don’t replace it with an herbal remedy because herbs aren’t as strong as medicine and besides that you can’t sue yourself.

Here is another site I like to get things from. This is a simple site selling only vitamins and supplements, a no nonsense site. I like this site for its simplicity.

Sunpride Nutrition

Cooking Spices – Good Odds and Ends

If you like to cook or don’t like to cook but you have to maybe some spices in your food could get you some compliments on your cooking.

I found the best spice site, it has info on every spice like what spices to use with what foods, something I’m not real good with except for the basics.

The spices are sold in a 4 ounce size, I got ground allspice for 4.50 for 4 oz and celery seeds 4oz for 3.00. I use them in potato salad. Those prices are from nov. 22 2009. That’s probably what it would cost for less than an ounce in the supermarket. You can’t beat that and fresh too.

They also have different salts that I didn’t even know existed, along with spice combos used for rubs.

You can get whole or ground, they have whole Vanilla beans and whole Cardamom seeds

Over 250 spices, 4.00 Flat Shipping Fee or Totally Free Over 40.00.

Cooking Spices

More odds and ends on the way as I find them

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E Flat Minor Melodic Scale

Discover the E flat minor melodic scale. This scale is related to the E flat and G flat major scales. The E flat scale is the Tonic minor and the G flat scale is the Relative minor.

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Guitar Scales Method

E♭ Major

E♭ F G A♭

B♭ C D E♭

E♭ Melodic

E♭ F G♭ A♭

B♭ C D E♭

E♭ Minor Melodic Chords









4 Note








E Flat Minor Melodic Chord Diagrams

Four Part Chords

B Flat Minor Melodic Key signature

This is how the key signature looks in the key of E Flat melodic minor or G flat major.

Minor Key


Key Signature

Rel Major


E, G A&B


I hope you found this page useful.


Discovering Major Scale Modes

There are major scale modes for major scales that can improve your solo’s just by knowing about them and where they are. They can be used as a base scale like the major scale.

A mode is simply a scale within a scale. If you start on the second note of a major scale and play to the next octave you will have played the dorian mode of that scale.

Now that you know what a mode is let’s get started.

Each mode has a slightly different color or feel to it.

The Major Scale Modes

Below are the C scale notes with their modes.



Major Scale Modes Formulas

The scale or mode formula that I will put at the bottom of these pages is a way of making a scale or mode from a major scale. You must compare a mode to the major scale and apply the formula.

Let me show you, if you wanted a G dorian scale you would do it like this.

This is the formula for a Dorian mode 1-2-♭3-4-5-6-♭7.

Building Modes

To make a G dorian scale we look at the G major scale

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Major Scale Formula

1 2 3♭ 4 5 6 7♭ Dorian Formula

The 3 would be a B♭ and the 7 would be an F. Got it?

This is a tool for making scales and modes easier to relate to something.

You could think of the dorian mode as a major scale with a lowered 3rd and 7th. This can make it easier for some of us to remember if we know the major scales.

Remembering Modes

This way of remembering will work for some scales or modes but not for others because there are too many differences in the two scales.

I’ll list all the modes even though some are only used rarely or by advanced Jazz players.

Each of these will link to a page about a particular mode in the major scale. They will go in order like the list up above.

Major Scale Modes

The Ionian Mode

This mode is the major scale. You may already know about the major scale but this is one of the modes.

The Major Scale – Ionian Mode

The Dorian Mode

The Dorian mode gets quite a bit of use. It’s a mellow sounding minor mode. It can be blended with the pentatonic and blues scales.

Dorian Mode

The Phrygian Mode

This scale mode has a Spanish Flamenco sound however the three chord from the major scale does not get used as a tonal center for many songs. If you wanted an E minor tonal center you would work in the keys of G and D.

Phrygian Mode

The Lydian Mode

The Lydian mode is based on the 4th note of the major scale. It’s a good choice for improvising over the I and IV Chords. It has a bright kind of sound.

Lydian Mode

The Mixolydian Mode

This scale has a bluesy major sound unlike the pentatonic and blues scales which tend to have more of a minor sound. This can vary with different players too.

Eric Clapton has been know to use the Mixolydian Mode

Mixolydian Mode

The Aeolian Mode

This scale has been covered but it is a mode so let’s look at it again. It’s a fairly useful scale.

Aeolian Mode – AKA – The Natural Minor Scale

The Locrian Mode

This scale can be useful for a dominant chord lick. It’s an extension of the dominant chord.

Locrian Mode


Discover the Lydian Augmented Mode

The Lydian augmented mode comes from the 3rd note of the melodic minor scale and is good for improvising over chords with a flat or sharp 5th or a sharp 11 in it.

This is for altered 5th or 11th notes. A flat 5 and an augmented 11th are the same note.

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Guitar Scales Method

This is played against an E♭ma7♯5, this chord is mostly used as a passing chord. A chord leading you into a main chord or another passing chord.

The E-flat Lydian augmented played over an E-flat major 7th sharp 5 chord

This is a little rough, this isn’t a very melodic chord to play against.

Lydian Augmented List

The Lydian Augmented Formula

This one goes 1-2-3-♯4-♯5-6-7

This ones not too bad to remember.

I hope you found this page useful.