Download MusicDiscover How Easy

Discover how you can download music and pick out songs that you like from a music album without buying the whole thing or maybe you want the whole thing.

Did you ruin your albums when you were younger playing them on a turntable with a bad needle. Ever put pennies on the head of the turntable arm to try to stop it from skipping? Ah the good old days.

Downloading music online is easy. You don’t need to know any special computer skills.

If you never bought music online you are missing out on one of the things computers are really useful for.

1) You can find songs from your younger days that bring back good times.

2) You can find a song you don’t know the name of but you know a couple of the lyrics.

3) You can pick from any type of music you like from Classical to Jug band music.

4) You can download one song from an album or the whole album.

5) Most songs cost under $1.00 dollar. This is for a legal royalty paying download.

6) Most album downloads are under $10.00.

7) You don’t need a high speed broadband internet connection. Most are mp3 format and they download like a regular file does.

The first 2 reasons from up above are what got me downloading music on the internet. Did you ever hear a song on the radio you really liked but could never catch the name of it or the artists name?

I get that a lot the Gin Blossoms song Found Out About You. I never knew there was a group named Gin Blossoms until I did a search for “found out about you”. Nice Song.

Download Music Types

There are 2 main types of audio files. One type is for CD’s and the other is for downloads.

There are tons of audio file names but these are for the individual audio players. The codecs or translating software are pretty much the same.

CD’s used to be .wav format and might still be but when I make a CD on my computer it comes out as .cda. i don’t know if this is the new .wav or just an addition. But they doesn’t matter for our purposes.

The other format is for downloading audio files and there is only one that has the top position and that’s mp3. This format gives the best quality for the smallest file size and this is the format most music downloads will be in.

Most audio software installed on computers can play these files you might have to list it in the options or preference section of your audio software.

mp3 Downloads

I haven’t come across a better site than Amazon for mp3 downloads. They have a large selection and you don’t have to join anything other than a free sign-up.

A lot of the other sites want you to join and charge you monthly. Here I can come and go, I might not want to download anything for month or two so why waste money.

Tribute Albums Alert

One thing to look for when you download from here is they have a lot of tribute albums, other people playing your artists songs.

This usually happens with the biggies like the Who or The Beatles. Just double check the artist name before you buy

This link will take you to Amazon’s mp3 download area. Just type in the song or artist you want.

mp3 Downloads

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Download Manager

They have a download manager for downloading but I had a problem with it. This was a while ago maybe it works smoother or maybe it was my computer too. Try it if you want but you don’t have to use it to download songs.

No Beatle mp3 Downloads

The Beatles don’t have their music in an mp3 format for some reason. You can only buy their CD’s.

The Beatles are the group that got me playing guitar so they are my number 1 group of all time.

They have quite a few albums to choose from along with some greatest hits too.

Beatles Albums

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Buying CD’s

Some people aren’t into all the download music and just want a CD to listen to.

Some albums are meant to be listened to as a whole song even though they are separate songs. “Tommy” from “The Who” was like this.

If this is the way you like to enjoy music the internet has any CD that you want just type in the artist and all their albums will come up or type in a CD title and that will come up.

Find your favorite.

Music CD’s

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Guitar TechniquesDirty Little Secrets?

Guitar techniques are whatever it takes to get the sound you want. It can come from the guitar, the amp, magic boxes or your hands and fingers or something else not normally associated with guitar sound.

Do you have a song that you can recognize from one or two notes? That’s because of the distinct tone. It can be a guitar, keyboard, or someone’s voice. This is what every guitar player wants, a tone or style that’s his or her’s own unique tone.

Ever heard a new song that you never heard before but you know who it is because of the guitar style? Eric Clapton’s style can be heard no matter who he plays with.

Some techniques are common and some are unique ways of getting the tone or sound you want.

Some players won’t reveal how they get their sound especially to another guitar player.

Guitar Picking Techniques

There are many techniques for this area of guitar playing. Most of these techniques can be used for any style of music.

Most of us use a pick, but there are fingerpicks and thumb picks too.

You can also play with just your fingers. This is how all Classical guitarist’s play. These guitar players have very strict rules they go by for their playing.

You can learn more about different picking styles from the link below.

Picking Techniques

Guitar Tunings

Most of us play guitar in the standard tuning most of the time. The standard tuning doesn’t work as well for slide guitar players although there are a few that do this.

George Harrison of the Beatles used to play slide in the standard tuning.

You can also use different tunings for fingerstyle guitar. Joni Mitchell does this alot and has a guitar or guitars that have special hardware so she can change to her tunings easily.

One of the most common alternate tunings is dropped D. This is just what it sounds like you tune the heavy E string down to a D.

E and D tunings are common and so are A and G.

Alternate Tunings

Slide Guitar Technique

Here is a technique that can be used in most styles of music but it’s found in the Blues more often than the other types of music.

This is mainly because of the sound the slide gives off. It has that distant Train Whistle sound making it good for the Blues.

This style of playing usually uses open chord tunings. Check out the link above for some alternate tunings.

Slide Guitar

Music Slow Down Software

This really isn’t a technique for playing guitar but it is good for learning other guitar techniques. You can take any song you have on your computer and slow it down so you can learn riffs and leads in much less time.

I have two different slow down programs and I like them both. I had one called Amazing Slow Downer but my computer hard drive went and I couldn’t get another copy from their website so I would stay away from this software company.

It can keep the original pitch of the song. You can learn the part you want just like the song.

There is another feature that will change the pitch if you want to. Let’s say if you want to match your guitar tuning or have trouble singing in that key or you want to try new positions on your guitar.

Slow Down Software

Guitar Tricks is a site you should check out. It has a lot of different lessons for beginner and advanced and a song learning section.

More guitar techniques on the way

I hope you found this page useful.